02 June 2010

ABCs and 123s

As I am now fully realizing...I do like trends.  I hate to admit it, but there it is.  I love big zinc letters and numbers and I love labels of any kind.  I like this partly (or mostly) for its appearance, but also for practical reasons.  For instance, if we ever forget where we live, we can just glance at our front door and remember!
If I ever forget which room has eighteen loads of boys' pajamas...I can just look up!

If Chris ever forgets which side he lays his pretty head on, he can just double-check the nightstands to check for the "C" I have labeled for him.  Aren't I a good wife?

I have heard boys are slower to learn how to read--I thought a good mom would help them out with alphabet reminders everywhere.

If Liam ever wants to recite the lullaby his daddy used to sing to him, I have taken the liberty of turning it into a big keepsake!  (I got this idea from Blueprint Bliss's blog....she has "You Are My Sunshine" in her nursery.  I had my friend Anisa Darnell paint one for us.

Both boys have humongo zinc letters over their beds, too.  No more fighting over who has which room.

Can't wait to get before and after pics ready to show you more of our renovation!


  1. Julie, I absolutely love the numbers on your front door! In fact, that is the first picture on my post tomorrow!!!

  2. Love all the letters. Can it really go out of style? Also love the lullaby sign. I am hooping to make on for my little ladies room. would love to know how you did your frame. Isn't Brooke's nursery amazing? I was in awe while photographing it.

  3. Your blog is such an inspiration! You have such authentic, natural style. Very much enjoying your blog, please keep sharing :) I'm eating it up!

    - Julie

  4. Love, love your front door! Also love the lullaby your friend painted for you. Very Nice!