29 June 2010

Country Home Magazine Files

 I really love Country Home.  Maybe I just need to save some money and put out my own magazine.  I really long for this one, Domino and Cottage Living.  I still have hope in magazines!  I have a Kindle and still buy books.  Won't you always buy magazines.  Anyway, I need to really start saving my pennies.  Here is one of my favorite all-time spreads from the Brown Camp Lofts (maybe it was around 2006?  Don't quote me on that).  Enjoy...

I really love funky.

so soft and romantic...yet modern, too.

I love the relaxed elegance of this loft.  Those chunky wood shelves, the tv left out for the shoot (!), and the exposed ducts.  Just enough rustic and just enough glitter.

This totally doesn't really fit with the loft's other rooms.  That is why I love it.  It is French & funky & fun.

I actually have a box of mirrored tiles downstairs.  I wanted them to work around our farmhouse sink.  It just didn't, though.  I will find a new use for them soon.  I LOVE this sink with the little sparkle of a backsplash.

I wish I had more of the kitchen.  I think it is on Chris' computer.  If I waited 'til things were perfect to do anything ....well, I would never do anything.  

This space still is fresh and inspiring to me years later.



  1. I just saw yesterday where all the archives for Domino are now online! Still not the magazine, but it's something.

  2. Julie, those top two images are wonderful. how is it that I am so drawn to this look yet I like to live in a more spare environment (right now, anyway)? Thanks for posting those, I really enjoyed them. Those rooms are so full of personal style and so lived-in and comfy looking.

  3. Interesting rooms - they're not my taste but for some reason, I like them. Interesting how that happens. I love the mirrored tiles -I've never seen them though ~ did you get them at the hardware store? If I get them then I need the farmhouse sink!
    * I sure do miss Country Home too!
    Sarah :)