30 September 2010

a little rock-n-roll retail therapy

I can't believe how much I missed pictures!  Are we not so spoiled with our instant gratification?  I know I am.  Five bucks paid to Goggle and I'm back with a little eye candy for ya.

I rarely post about fashion, but I am so loving some of the things Garnet Hill is currently offering I just had to share.  I love this look...but really I think I love this model and this braid.  (sidenote:  are you typically drawn to models with your hair color?  just curious)

These boots are so sexy and refined.

I start living in boots and dresses as soon as there is the first slight chill.  Yes, this look is
how I define rock-n-roll these days.  You can't much hotter than her.

And this coat!  Love it.  Okay, what about this coat with a white J Crew tee and black
leather pants.  I don't care if leather pants are in or out (nor do I know), but wouldn't that outfit be cool?

This piece of art is rockin, I think.  Remember this from Atlanta Home & Lifestyles Christmas House last year?  My client and I spied this at Stanton this week.  It was 1,200...now 199!  I don't see this working in many rooms...but it is incredible.

These are the bentwoods we got for her breakfast nook--I love the use of black metal here instead of wood.  Adds a little spice to their kitchen.

It's slowly coming together (capiz pendant and window treatments to be completed soon)  And we'll change the centerpiece...:)

I think this black moulding is really sexy.

I am loving our new bar downstairs!  We paired black iron vintage sconces with two deals
from Ballard's Backroom (the stools and mirror).  The stools got four coats of white dove (leftover trim paint--semi-gloss).  I told Chris he needs to have the guys over and play cards.  He kinda laughed at me. I guess it isn't quite manly, is it?  (letters from Hobby Lobby)

For another texture, I love some black or cream felt pillows in a room.  Aren't these pretty?  (from PB Teen)

I love this white capiz table lamp, too.  Wouldn't this be nice as a desk lamp or maybe a countertop in a kitchen?  Somewhere unexpected.

And Anthro is rocking it out with this coffee table.  How unique!

And maybe this mirror...

In this bathroom instead of this white one (I LOVE this simple skirt.  When I rented a home in Little Five Points in my '20s I cut my green silk Anthro skirt and velcroed it to my sink!)

And these shades....somewhere!!

And I love these Old Schools from Emerson Made.  Bell bottoms are so rock-and-roll to me.  But I have always been a little on the hippie side.  Here is evidence below:

I pick up the boys from Mom's Morning Out and Wyatt has his entire lunch left.  I guess I can't blame a two year-old for not wanting sugar snap peas, organic carrots in a bamboo bowl.  Liam said, "Mom, why can't we get red boxes like Luca gets (read Happy Meal)."  Sorry, boys.

Thanks for hanging with this scattered post--Julie

more link love

Sorry my friends....no pictures today, either.  I figured out why my pictures weren't loading, though.  You get to a point where you have to pay to load more.  I don't mind--I wonder how they made their money.  I should be able to do"normal" posting tomorrow....not that I really have a structure anyhow.

These are mostly for da locals, but the first link all of you should enjoy.  Neel Reid built some amazing homes in Atlanta (many in the Druid Hills area....remember Driving Miss Daisy?  Her home is in Druid Hills.  My mom lives in this area near Emory University, so I am particularly fond of its homes.  If you click on the Neel Reid link you will see a home tour (by the AJC) of homeowners David Duncan and his wife, Gretchen.  They have great taste in their decor choices, too.

Neel Reid Tour in the Atlanta Journal & Constitution

The next link is for charity.  I happen to go to the same church as Jeff Foxworthy, and this is one of several events he has done for those in need.  He and his family do missions in Africa, but the particular event below is for children...specifically those in need of foster families.  It is the evening of October 28th.

Jeff Foxworthy's Backyard Bash

I am planning to attend this book signing below....I am a sponge for any event design-related.  I want to soak it all in.

David Easton's Homes at Phoebe Howard's shop, October 27th 5-7 pm

If you live OTP like me (for non-Atlantans, it is outside-the-perimeter....and many deem tragically un-hip)  I love living in this area, though.
Crabapple Antiques & Fall Festival

Finally, as a family we're planning to attend Country Living's Fair October 22-24th.  If you're going email me...maybe we can meet up!

Country Living Fair at Stone Mountain Park

Happy Thursday.....Julie

29 September 2010

Classic Interiors: Central Park South

You know...I really want to strive to post as much original material as I can.  I don't know if I felt this way when I first started blogging...but I do now.

I want to post more of my home and my work (we just got some crazy-good stuff for a client today).  I want to do more interviews and hopefully share more about my contributions to Rue.  I am also lucky enough to have friends who have some amazing style and I hope to share their homes with you...along with the interiors of some of my favorite shops and restaurants in Atlanta.  I am working on getting Chris to allow us into his film-world a little; I want to share a bit about set design and some of the wonderful homes where they shott.

That being said, sometimes you gotta just repost some stuff.  This apartment with a "million-dollar view" in Manhattan was shot by Jamie of the photography blog from me-to you.  She took pictures for the Vicente Wolf interview in Rue.  Please click on that link to view this home that I am not able to repost because I hate blogger.  I am working with a web designer...so I'll share the new address with you when it is fixed.  I can't upload one picture!?  sorry...have a great Wednesday.  Julie

27 September 2010

reader request: lighting sources

Hey Whitney....this is for you.

I guess we do have a mix of lighting throughout the house.  I think lighting is really the most important aspect of decor, so I love adding sconces, lamps and ceiling lights wherever possible...and on dimmers, too!

I realize these are the same images I just posted...anybody else on blogger having a tough time trying to upload pictures?

Anyway...here are the sources for the lights pictured below.  Although they may appear to be a mix, my list may prove a bit uninspiring.  You will see it hit the same spots over and over...

The lamp in the corner is from Pottery Barn Outlet (it may be a West Elm piece since they are owned by the same company).  The sconces on the mantel are from Progressive Lighting.  $5 each.  Not kidding.

The basketweave pendants in the boys' rooms are from the same PB Outlet.  These are from the PB Kids line.  Wyatt's floor lamp is IKEA.

The majority of the lamps, though, are from Homegoods.  For fun, trendy lamps you really can't beat them.  The one below was $39 and the base is a light gray.

The sconces for Liam's bed are from Crate & Barrel.  These were a bit of a splurge at around $150 each. I love that they are not swing-arm, though...for that would have just turned into two swing-arm lamps flying across the room!

The light above our bed is from Target.  It was from the Shabby Chic line several years ago (although I did see on in our target this year for around $30).  I think I may have bought it before our first child when I thought we were having a girl.  The original paint was white with pink flowers.  I just spray-painted it chrome.  I love this simple light.

Again, the table lamps are from Homegoods.  This triple-drum shade is white eyelet lace.  I believe around $50 each.

This floor lamp (are you yawning yet?) is HG, too.  I promise I just saw the same one in Anthropologie for about $450!  This one around $60.

This chandelier is from Lowe's at $100.  The star pendant in the entry is Ballards and the two chrome table lamps from Homegoods....again.

Our exterior boasts two more star pendants (can't have too much of a good thing!)....these from Pottery Barn---and the two bronze barn lights next to the door are Ballard Designs.

And do you want to see how us married folk ended our date night last night?  We did have a wonderful dinner out...but instead of having dessert out somewhere else or going to hear music, we ended our date at Target to get the kids some pajamas.  Please tell me we're not the only ones who do this.  Julie

24 September 2010

your home is your portfolio....

...or at least it is for me.

We have spent time (and money) this week getting the house like we wanted it before they came to look at it.  These were plans we had in the works for the next six months or so---but with an opportunity like this, why not do them now?  

Here is one new purchase:  this brown linen settee (from Ballard)  It is so perfect for this room.  It is a great place to sit and type or read and put your feet up with the sun hitting your back (this room, and our home, faces south)

And on the other side, sweet Kate painted this for me this week (there is no way you can paint furniture with two little boys at home.  If you know of a way, please fill me in!)

my old antique dresser (deep sea green...oil-based semi-gloss Ben Moore)

So today was really great.  Seriously one of the best days of my life.  Whether or not they do choose our home or not, I was so happy with our work and my design and how the home was.  All you can do is give it your all....and we all did.  I think I can feel good about surrendering the outcome if I know I did all I wanted to do.

Here are a few more shots of the house (clean (!) and with roses from our yard)

By the way, that candle right there (as well as those candlesticks you can see on the island) were from a recent shopping trip to Anthropolgie.  I find that a lot of candles make my head hurt.  I don't know the name--but this cream & black one is so subtle.

Our inspiration board got a coat of white dove to lighten it up a bit.

The nightstands finally got dressed up with the new knobs I've had in the drawer for about a year.
(shot from yesterday--not clean--but the setting sunlight was so unreal.  I am a book hoarder.  And pillow and lamp hoarder.)

and Kate's new stitch art for this room....

How beautiful are these?  And stitches!!!  And she is a fine artist, not a seamstress.  I cannot tell you how much I love these.

I still owe you a proper post on her art.  It's coming...along with the mantel post :)

One reason we justify spending this money (like on new sconces for Liam's room) is that we believe it is cheaper than interior design school.

And this is no knock at school...or being ASID for sure.  Just for us, and our lives now, it wouldn't work.  I have a master's degree in English (not that my grammar and spelling always display this), and I just think I am learning so much by living as a decorator and using my home as an example.  People will like it or not like it, but our home is the one place where I have (kinda) free reign to do what my heart desires.

Wyatt got new (old) mirrors, a new pillow, some silver satin Dutch Boy paint on his changing table, and more of Kate's finery above it.

new antique chair, PB rustic frames and photos

And for me, it works out best that I read and learn by reading design books while they nap.  Perhaps I'll go back one day, perhaps I won't...but for now I don't feel I need it.  I do need to learn, for sure, but in a more organic way.

Anyway, I do hope I have good news to share with y'all soon.  And if not, the good news is I am proud of what we've done...and it feels nice to sit back and enjoy a little accomplishment.  "Life for me ain't been no crystal stair", for sure, so you gotta appreciate the high notes.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, friends!  I'm off to see babies tomorrow.  Both my friends I threw baby showers for this summer both delivered a week early....babies Ruby and Daisy.