14 June 2010


Well, this post isn't really about karma...but my oldest one said the funniest thing this morning:

"Mom, Wyatt threw Thomas at me!"  (this being said after big brother has stolen two trains out of little brother's hands)

"Well," I said, "Karma's gonna getcha."



"Who's Karma?"

(Okay, well it sure was funnier at seven a.m.)

It is hard being little.
I think these guys, especially, deserve to live in a little glamour.

You know, a lot of people say they want to live in their dream house when the kids move out.  I do get their point.  It is hard to keep things clean and I am always the "wipe-your-hands-now!" sherrif.  Pretzels and apples are fine to eat on the couch.  Grape juice and strawberries....not so much.

I say live now.  I do say use as much outdoor fabric as possible (wipes so easily!) and slipcover and bleach whatever you can.  But, I do say live somewhere YOU think is beautiful.  Especially as moms...how many hours do you spend looking at those walls?

a tired mom, but loving her home.

I have not regretted one penny we have put into this place.  The boys say how pretty it is and how much they love their home.  I'm not being boastful....just saying how money spent in your home is money well spent  (well, Wyatt isn't talking yet...but he sure smiles a lot)

Don't boys love black dot tile and dark grout?  I thought so.

I think they love their kitchen.

We sure make our own parties a lot at home!

So Liam's room needs a little help.  It is a little doubty and not living up to its potential.

Here is his current bed (Thanks to our Irish friends Patrick and Debbie who gave it to us!)

Liam wants his room green, and I couldn't agree more!  (My favorite color!)

I am thinking a shade like Georgian Green (Ben Moore) on the front door:

But make his room simple & Scandinavian...similar to this:

I plan to paint his bed green as well (so the entire bottom half of his room will be same color.  Keep the Navajo White on the top)  I can see it in my mind!)

Next add a reading/play nook inspired by this:

Some rustic toy storage cubes inspired by Anthro shelving:

And a Panton Junior chair from Design Within Reach to pair with an antique rolltop desk  (a steal at $50!)

Can't wait to show you this reveal!

(image credits unknown...I am getting better about saving credits, but these old files I didn't source.  I had no idea I would begin blogging.)


  1. Julie, your kids are beautiful. I especially love the photo of them in the caps!

    I was SO excited to get your comment on my blog. I checked your blog out weeks ago after seeing your home on Blue Hydrangea. I totally love it! You are so talented. I want some of your style...As a matter of fact, I see we are both mirror freaks. You might check out my guest post last Friday over at From the Right Bank. It's all about mirrors!

    I am not familiar with the gray color you mentioned, but if you will send me the color number, I have a BM fan deck and I will check it out. I am in no way an expert. Heck, I am still searching for that right color for me!

    I have so enjoyed going thru your blog. Keep in touch! Donna

  2. Julie, give us some scoop on the silhouettes in the first photo. Love them!!

  3. i agree with making your home beautiful. it makes me happy when i walk around certain rooms in our house.....others make me not so happy, but it's all a work in progress!

    love the reading nook!

  4. Your kids are adorable. Did you paint those numbers on your front door? I want to do the same. Any tips?

  5. I love. your kiddos are such cuties too.