04 June 2010

Mommy's Morning Out

Of course I love being a mom.  I do.
These are two precious little men.  I wouldn't give anything for the time I have had with them.  But that being said, mommy does need a little time away.
I should have:
1.  mopped these sticky hardwoods
2.  walked 4 miles (yeah right)
3.  okay, walked for 20 minutes
4.  done at least one load of laundry
5.  found that missing phone bill and paid it

I did no such thing.  
I did support our local economy.
The best part of being a resident of Atlanta is our bargain shopping!

I treated myself to a skinny cinnamon dolce latte and hit the road.

Man, I do love Ballards Backroom.  A lot!  I found a $249 beadboard drying rack for $9.99!
I also got four of these:

four document cushions for 50% off!  My boys always complain about these metal chairs being cold...

a new gray plate for my plate rack hiding the cookvent.  (little one on the left.  $7.95 from Anthro.)

see the lamp shade on the table?  Got it for half off from Anthro, too.  I have been stalking that one.

The best stop, as always, was my trip to Barnes & Noble.  All my money goes to either books or decor.  No nails.  No facials.  I am a kinda low-maintenance, high-maintenance girl.  Does that make any sense?
Cottage Living reissued this.  I am sure I have it somewhere, but this first image looked new.  It is so good.  Boy, I miss Cottage Living.  Do you?

This image began my love for banquettes and Saarenin.  I have an IKEA one.  I do want a real tulip one day.

Here is the translation of that at our old house.  Horrible picture, I know.  I did love this room, though.

Love this image, too.  The banquette, the cream and gray painted floors..the ghost chairs.  perfection.

Also can't resist buying this.  I love Marie Claire Maison..and especially this picture.  Simple.  Scandinavian.  And I believe if my french memory serves me that this title is "You play with simplicity"...or something close.  That is a good title for a blog:  Playful Simplicity.  If I had any readers you could use that!  Take care, Julie

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  1. Your an amazing mom with a lot of talent....
    thats my kind of mom's morning out! :)