09 June 2010

For my friend...

I have known my girlfriend, Jennifer, since we were thirteen.  Boy, did we have fun when we were younger!  We would drive to St. George Island in our bras, sneak out the car to go and rearrange letters on gas station signs....Hell, we even got arrested together.  What is that quote, "A good friend doesn't bail you out of a jail...a good friend is in there with you."  But we are ANGELS now, mind you.  I can't tarnish this reputation.
and said angels at friend's wedding...

said angels as fish people at strange sorority rush thingy...

that is scary.

My girlfriend is awesome and is now part owner of this:

Eclipse Post Production in Atlanta.  Isn't so cool to meet your friends when we're wearing training bras then see them all grown up with fun, important jobs and gorgeous husbands and sweet babies?  So cool.

Jennifer is no wallflower.  This girl toured with Pink Floyd in college (not kidding), knows everybody who is "to know" in Atlanta, been around the world and aspires to save the world while photographing it all for National Geographic.  Her fave star is Angelina (don't hold it against her), while mine is sweet Gwyneth.  Opposites usually make great friends, don't they?

Jen and her amazing husband, Jeremy, have a huge house with a YARD within the perimeter of Atlanta.  This shows they have done well.  To live in-town and actually have a backyard to play in says something.
They entertain all the time!  I want to entertain like them when I grow up.
She now has "hired" me to help redecorate her dining room and family room.  I couldn't be more excited.  Jen, here are some of more ideas.  I'll bring more for Thursday night.  This post is already too long.

I know you said you love Restoration Hardware, and I see where you are coming from.  I think it is too boring for y'all, maybe.  Maybe you can add elements of it, but I see you as so worldly, hip, modern and old and the same time.  Look at how bold this entry is from Vogue Living.  You likey?

Since you are keeping the walls the same in the den, but changing them in the dining area...what if we keep a good flow from both rooms.  The walls are yellowish and very French or even Italian.  Since we have that yellow, we could contrast that with deep purple...then keep the rest neutral.  We could play within those two colors.  (I know there is no color above, but I think you need some glamour like this)  unknown photo credit.

The walls remind me a little of yours.  See how well it pairs with neutrals?  Martha Stewart Living credit.

I am realizing I have too much to say, so I will post Part II tomorrow.  But, Jen, look at this image.  We can do a floor lamp like this, but purple!  (unknown credit)

Last image for today:  since your table is quite formal, what about pairing that with 2 bold, modern pendants like these?  Oh, and perhaps switch out some of the dining chairs for purple Tolix?  Jen, you have to have some Tolix--they are the original French cafe chair!  So you.

Okay, more tomorrow!  fun, fun!


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  2. Can't wait to see what you do!! Looks like your design career is off and running!

  3. hope you share before and after pics!