23 June 2010

Poll: To Cover or Not to Cover?

So, if you read this you know I love white.  You probably love white, too, or you wouldn't be reading this blog!

I really wish these bookcases were white, but there are a few things Chris puts his foot down on, and this is one of them.

Since he doesn't want them white, I thought a cheaper solution would be to add white bookcovers to all the books  (I only have 2 done so far.  Don't know when I will have time this decade)  Or....I can add this to the backs of the bookcase:

Some antique maps.

The walls in this room are Navajo white...and this daybed has a white matelasse (I took French in college yet I have no idea how to spell this), and white pillows.

Should I keep the bookcase dark for contrast.....or go ahead and cover the backs?

I added a little poll gadget to the right of the blog.  Will you vote and help me?

Have a great Wednesday, Julie


  1. I like a contrast here and there is a mostly white room. It gives the eye somewhere to rest and helps the room look less sterile.

  2. Although I am a lover of white...I think you should keep them "as is"...I like the contrast!

  3. OF COURSE I voted to cover..I LOVE white!!
    <3 Cara
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  4. Hi! I'm new to your blog, which I love, and think your home is just beautiful! I would keep them dark for contrast - it grounds the room a little. I would definately cover the backs with the maps - that is a gorgeous look. And cover just a few of the books - not all, just the really dark ones. But it all looks great! Don't you love when you get free reign then all the sudden the put their foot down on something! darnit. :)

    Have a great day!

  5. you're gonna laugh at this one: I have built-in bookshelves running the length of one wall in my den and they are full of books that I have collected over the years. I got the itch one time and covered ALL of them in white paper. I had seen it in a shop and loved it. Well, I did like it but later got tired of it and took them all off. Then I turned all the spines around to face the wall, like you see in the Pottery Barn catalogs! Now, they are uncovered, and facing the usual way....Hey, I guess, I'll try anything!

  6. love, love, love your blog! Your house is so inspiring! You definitely have a new follower here!

    - Maggie - mgwalton.blogspot.com

  7. Oh, I have the same issues with my husband too! Why does he have to have an opinion??? LOL!!

    But I think they'd look great with the antique maps on the backs. And I would recover the books too.

  8. Just found your blog, and LOVE it :) Your boys are adorable and I love your kitchen! Have a great day!

  9. Would love to see the antique maps in the backs!!

  10. I just found your blog and can't wait to keep checking it out! I'm new to writing one too and I'm impressed with your output!
    I like books, period. I think they give a room a little somethin' extra. When I stage retail spaces I sometimes turn the books around so you have the texture but you're eye's not drawn to the color. I've also covered books in vellum so that they're all white but there is still something interesting happening with each book too. Looking forward to seeing what you decide to do!