20 June 2010

Emerson Made in Heaven

I gotta be up front that this is a selfish post....I wanna win :)  The lovely ladies at Flourish Design are celebrating their year anniversary, so Emerson Made is donating eleven gifts to readers!  I LOVE the style of Emerson Made, the Flourish gals are sweet, and I really loved teaching The Transcendentalists when I taught American Lit. (Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry Walden Thoreau, etc.)....so I had to do this post.  (Emerson's parents had to be cool!)

I want to repost some images of Emerson and Ryan's home in New Hampshire (originally on Decor8 )  Their taste speaks for itself:
a simple and lovely bath & this shows their signature color...a beautiful golden yellow  (Smart marketing move.  It sure paid off for Tiffany)

Are you kidding me?  Is this the best pantry on Earth?  They eat no sugar, flour or processed foods.  No wonder they are so beautiful!  I don't think I could do it.  I have read everything and know we should.  But I live in Atlanta.  I really eat grits three times a week and buttermilk biscuits all the time.  And the waffles?  Is there such thing as flourless biscuits and waffles?  Hmmm....need to research.  I want to look like this:

Gwyneth looks like this and eats flour.  Oh, guess I need to actually DO the Tracy Anderson video.

I have surrendered and ordered the graphite Hunter boots from Zappos (mostly for decor).  How bad am I?

Lovely runner.  Am trying to convince client/friend to order one!

An understated and elegant kitchen.

Their signature color on these antique beds is playful yet calming.  Love it!

The story of this map is sweet---tracks their journey from NYC to NH.

I hope they really do well!  I love to support true craftsmen.  

So, wish me luck that I win...

And had to mention this.  Do you watch The Bachelorette?  I do love this show (when I love the person...and I love Ali)  Isn't she a doll?  Funny, pretty, kind, sexy...the girl that girls want to be friends with and that guys like.  Like Cameron Diaz.

I just have to say how much I love Chris L.  Do you not?  This guy emanates goodness and sexiness and calm.  I hope she chooses him.  Roberto isn't so bad, either.  Who do you think it will be?  I am always wrong.

You are great, Chris L.

Okay, and any explanations for this?

(images Decor 8, Emerson Made, abc.com)



  1. I love Emerson Made...beautiful, beautiful...and I am in love with you kitchen...makes me want to go change mine right now! Happy Sunday!

  2. Oh so funny about the two Chris's...love the one have no frickin idea who the other one is:) Love your kitchen and that tile backsplash is fantastic!!

  3. Your posts are always so spot on for me. Are you reading my mind? Love Emerson Made....so wish I could look like her, too. The ice cream is what kills me. Also - my husband and I chose our top 3 bachelors to make it to the finals (winner gets...ice cream :) I chose Chris L and the guy from Tennessee. I'm a sucker for a Mass guy.

  4. HI! I just found your blog - clickin away and up you came. I love when that happens and I find another great blog!
    I read through all your posts and loved every one of them - your kitchen is SO pretty. I love the brackets on the shelves. That's how I knew I would love your style and blog. :)
    Looking forward to following along!

  5. I've seen their beautiful house before and I love it! I wish I could eat like that too but who has the time?! I would die for thos twin yellow beds!

  6. Emerson Made's life makes me kind of sick. In a "I think you both are awesome" kind of way. The Bachelor/ette just makes me sick :)