07 June 2010

I'm walking the plank

I always loved what T. S. Eliot wrote, "I spit on the grave of my 20s."  I always tell this to friends when they are turning 30 to hopefully make them feel better.  I used to be an English teacher, so I can get away with telling my friends weird things.  They are used to my quotes, for sure!

I love this because it is true for me.  Although life is more of a physical challenge at 37 than it was at 22, there are many things I love about being in my 30s.

I love Sunday mornings more than Saturday nights
I love Starbucks more than the local bar
I love NPR more than the top 40 station
I love accepting who I am more than trying to figure out who I am

Okay, odd introduction about wood treatments on interiors....but there is a link.  I promise.
I have learned that I absolutely love planking in homes!  I love this and accept this and I don't care if it makes me country, cottage, or shabby chic.  I think it gives so much age and character to a home.  And like most designers say...once you have the beautiful bones of a room, it really almost doesn't matter what goes in it.  

I do love throwing some lucite (when I get some) or other modern pieces against the rustic walls or ceiling.  (image above Tracery Interiors)

I think you can't have too much planking (or beaded board) in a home.  You know, I just watched an old movie last night; To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday.  It was a cute movie--I believe from the '80s.  What was so interesting that the Nantucket beach cottage in the movie was not dated at all!  I wish I could find some stills.  The home was filled with wood planks and beaded board and painted furniture against white walls.  It looks like it could have been shot out of last month's Country Living.  

image from LittleEmmasDesignBlog (original source unknown)

This gives me hope that what I love today...I may love tomorrow!

Here is some more eye candy of my favorite wood treatments:

Our tongue & groove ceilings along with 1 x 2s on the walls.  (My favorite light fixture from Paris Flea Market in Savannah.  Heaven on Earth!)

Planking on the ceiling.  Image & degign Tracery Interiors.

Horizontal planking in our master bath.  Not a great shot--but I love it every morning!

Ceiling planks in Meg Ryan's kitchen.  Elle Decor.

Planking on the cabinets as well as a white-washing treatment.  Love this (maybe Skona Hem?  forgive my lack of credits.)

Meg Ryan's bedroom.  More ceiling treatment.  Elle Decor.

The beautiful poplar ceiling of Lee K's home.  Cottage Living.

extra wide planks. 
 I believe Rachel Ashwell credit, but not positive.  Possibly Christine Bauer Photographer.

Beautiful whitewashed planks from House Beautiful.  Rustic Perfection!

Happy Monday...Julie


  1. Hi, just discovered your blog and am loving it!

  2. I love the texture wood gives to a room!! And that light from Paris Flea market is amazing!!!

  3. Just popped by from Blue Hydrangea...your home is amazing! Will be following you for sure!

  4. Hi Julie, I too just came over from Blue Hydrangea. I love your home and your blog! I have a similar mirrored shade in my dining room, and it gives me such joy. I've been reading your posts, and laughed when you said you were trendy and didn't care. I feel the same way! And, we're the same age!

    I will definitely be reading from now on. Thanks!

  5. Hi Julie, popped over from Blue Hydrangea.. thanks so much for sharing your amazing home with us, I LOVE your style. I'm looking forward to following! xx

  6. I am in love with your home! Just found you via blue hydrangea.

  7. Julia, your blog is fabulous. But what I feel about you so much in your home is your spirit. Your home is serene and beautiful. I became a follower of you because your writing is honest and what you say and what you like from quotes to what you put into your home resonates true with me. I'm so glad you started a blog. You will have a lot of followers because you seem so true to yourself, I just love your home.
    so glad I found you from Blue Hydrenga

  8. Sorry Julie, my daughters name is Julia and the brain just goes to habit.:}

  9. I am absolutely in love with your home. we recently looked at a home with planking and it was amazing unfortunately our current house won't sell for what we need. oh well, one day.

  10. Where did you get the light fixture in your bathroom? I love it! We recently planked a wall in the showroom for our upcoming show. It looks great so I completely see why you love it!

  11. I love the symmetry in the planking, and the suggestion of "creating" the look, piece by piece. It's very comforting in a home!

  12. Hi Julie,
    Do you mind shooting me an email? I tried to find your email address on your blog but couldn't see it anywhere. I work at Southern Living magazine and would love to talk to you about your amazing house! I'm at jessica_thuston@timeinc.com. Thanks! Jessica

  13. Love your home! You have great style and flair. I will be following. xo s

  14. Julie, Thanks so much for your great post. I totally agree with your list of things that you love in your 30s. At 35 it feels great to know who I am and really feel comfortable in my own skin. I'm really enjoying reading your blog!