15 June 2010

SATC meets Restoration Hardware

So, we had a girls' night last week.  The "J" crew, as we call ourselves, (Jillian, Julie, Jules, Jennifer, Jenny, Jennifer....can you tell we were all born in the '70s?) went to see SATC2.

Have you seen it?  I know the reviews were horrible, but I liked it!  The plot was silly...of course, and the sex scenes are really too much for me  (that Samantha!), but the friendships seem real to me.  Don't we all know a Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha?  Well, I can honestly say I don't know a Samantha.  Used to....in college.

Just to let you know, whenever Charlotte would say something about marriage or her kids, my friends say, "Awww, that's so Julie!"  I had to admit I can be a little prudish like her.

My friend, Jennifer, is a lot like Carrie (carrie's apartment above)  Images from set designers.

So, we are really leaning in the direction of some pops of color:

electric blue from Ben Moore

like Carrie's apartment

This will most likely be in the powder room and/or toss pillows

Do you not love this ottoman?

It was especially made...but how gorgeous!

I think we can incorporate one or two of these from Bungalow Classic:

We think we will bring in two neutral sofas:  
She loves these:

Speaking of this picture, she also wants to flank the two dining room windows with drapes just like this.  We can do that!

She also loves this big, industrial & fun spotlight floor lamp.  We can do that, too!  There is a RH outlet just 30 min from my home.  Yea!

She does want Restoration Hardware meets Worldy meets Modern.  I think we can do all of that.

She is interested in these two pendant lights to go above her formal dining table:

See the image in the middle (from South of Market blog).  These are fresh from the Paris streets.  My friend is SOOO Paris.  She needs these as a conversation piece.

If these don't work, we can go with these from Bungalow Classic:

For modern touches...I'd love to incorporate a Saarenin (spelling?) Tulip Side Table in between two comfy & earthy chairs in the den

Like these...

again from Bungalow Classic

Jen, and if the electric blue paint may be too much....here is a subtle color, yet funky pattern in Kelly Wearstler's Imperial Trellis Wallpaper:

Finally, if we do repaint the kitchen (perhaps a subtle and creamy Navajo White by Ben Moore?), I see a banquette in your future.  We can repurpose your formal chandelier from your dining room to the banquette...and add this:

I found this fabric in an indoor/outdoor and my slipcover lady can do it in August.  You can wipe clean then wash in cold every once in a while

See you soon, Jen!


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