11 June 2010

What Home is Within You?

I didn't make it to the Bobby McAlpine book signing last night at ADAC (Atlanta's Design Center)...I actually haven't even read his book yet.
I did read a review (I believe in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles) about it, though.  He seems to be questioning his readers, "What if you could actually live in the home that is within you?"  What would this look like?
(image above from our living room.  We spend a lot of our time here.  Right now I am typing, Chris is drinking coffee and the boys are doing puzzles side-by-side on the coffee table.  See Olii back there by the window?  She keeps watch on all the chipmunks there.)

Here is how it looks once a month when it is clean

I love this idea of what kind of a home is within us.  I know this is why I love design so much.  Some people can sing (like my wonderful friend, Cori Moon), some people can make art out of wood (like my sweet husband), and some people are a natural with computers (like Rich).  Even though my degrees are in English and I am always reading, I have never had the desire to write a book.  I loved taking painting and pottery classes, but I wasn't sad when they were over.  Interiors, however, I can't get enough of.  One reason I was so excited about finding this home to renovate because it found like a blank canvas...Chris and I have had this home within us!
(these skirted stools are in my home within me.  Credit Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles via South of Market blog)
Somewhere in the home within us is some smooth, Danish design.  I am ordering our three-year-old the Panton junior in white.  I am pairing it with an antique child's rolltop desk.  I can't wait to reveal his room later!  (image from The Brooklyn Home Company via Blue Hydrangea blog.)
We have one of these, too.  Liam was born in 2006, so we bought him an Airstream Bambi (anniversary edition 2006).  He is so nice to let his parents use it until he is older! (image via Pink Wallpaper blog).
Here the lucky one is in his present.

The home within us will have a carriage house or barn behind our home to store our trailer (we would love to use it!  The kids can use it as a fort), create a woodshop for Chris, and hopefully, if budget allows, a mudroom.  Do you know how much sand and mud and guck guys bring in the house?  It would be great to wash the dog out there, too.
Maybe something like this, but white?  (unknown image credit)
In Wyatt's room, I plan to put some fun paint on the ceiling.  I am inspired by Jenna Lyon's son's room (featured in Domino), but I may do large rings instead of lines.  I already have the gray/silver paint.
Hopefully our home will be graced with many Annabelle hydrangeas in our future:
image from The Newlywed Diaries
We have planted a few!  They are so thirsty in this Georgia sun.

Lastly, the home within us is really all about this...
and this....


  1. Love it!! That was a lovely read..your blog just makes me smile! The images are lovely..and isnt it great once in a while when everything is in it right place and tidy (even if it is for just a fleeting moment..bliss!) Sinead x

  2. just found your blog-love it! Your kitchen is beautiful!


  3. great post! I love all of your images. I love hydrangeas too!

    We'd love to get an Airstream!

  4. GREAT post! Funny, I have absolutely no talent whatsoever in decorating and my dream is to write a book.You worded this post beautifully. I love your home! The airstream with the lights is such a perfect picture.
    Have a pretty day,

  5. My house looks like a magazine when it gets it's once a month cleaning too! It's so hard to keep things clean with the husband, two dogs and a cat, I can't imagine how I'll do it once children are in the mix!