21 June 2010

Suzanne Kasler, Ballard Designs & Country Living

I think I have said this before, but I do love living in Atlanta.  Of course, like a lot of people, after college I had wanderlust and wanted to move out west.  I never did, though.  And I am glad I am still here.  Atlanta sure its problems, but it is home, and we love it.

I am loving that there always seem to be some design event going on!  I was thrilled to see an invite to attend Suzanne Kasler's book signing at Ballard's Backroom.  This event will also launch her new line with them!  Yahoo....I can't wait to see a preview...and to have her sign my book!  I told Chris this would be the equivalent of him getting to go backstage to meet Kings of Leon.

I love her use of repetition.  She takes some simple white shelves and white cake stands and makes some art!  (from Ballard's Catalog)

Can you tell I'm a little star struck?

Her book, which I am sure you have seen by now.

A kitchen from the book.

And, I am also excited that Country Living is having one of its fairs here at Stone Mountain Park!!  I love Country Living.  My old faves were Cottage Living, Country Home and Country Living.

Some fun fair girls...

Even though the name is "Country" Living...it really is more than that to me.  I love the way it is styled and they really mix in more modern than the name gives away.

Here are a few of my favorite images from the magazine:

I love this yellow painted sideboard against the funky blue wallpaper.

okay, this is country...but there is such beauty in the restraint.

The lighting!!  Hello...love it!

This is the way to make white warm.

a little out of my character...but this is still awesome.

So, if there are any takers for the fair....we'll have to go get some real fried chicken at The Watershed in Decatur (one of my faves...owned by one of the Indigo Girls) if you come!!



  1. you're so lucky to live in atlanta! atlanta has everything. dang. if i lived there i think we would be friends b/c our taste is so similar. love all the images and the suzanne kasler book is on my wishlist!

  2. Yes, I too am jealous you live in Atlanta. Nashville has some good stuff, but the ATL has so much more (IKEA, oodles of decor shops and antiques, Ballard's Back Room, etc.). Sigh. I'll just live vicariously through your blog!

    I totally agree on Suzanne Kasler & Country Living.

    Enjoy the book signing!

  3. OH I am so excited you posted the Country Living Fair...I was actually considering the one in Ohio in September...but this one is so much closer to me!!!

  4. how exciting! wish I could go.

  5. LOVE the backsplash in the kitchen!!! where did you find that?

  6. Love the yellow sideboard. I wish I was in the area so I could go!