26 June 2010

Some Swedish Eye Candy

Yes, this family does constitute as eye candy.  Can they be any prettier?  But I actually mean their home (found on Skona Hem )

I poured over the Swedish websites so much while we did our renovation that I actually could translate the language!!  You can tell from our home that I really, unapologetically, love white.  Do you think it is because my ancestors are Swedish?  That is a good question, if I do say so myself.  Do you like the decor of your forefathers?

Okay...look at this home!  

I love how the planking isn't perfect

And I love the light floors

I have those same chairs!!  I know we have seen this type of kitchen a lot, but I don't tire of it.

I need to learn the story behind these beds.  Just like my son's bed made in Germany.

Still love anything Tolix.

In our next house I would love to find a true Swedish stove like this to have in our bedroom.  This is the nicest I have seen!

perfectly styled...

And the dear outside:

Oh, I want to visit!  Have you been?  Julie


  1. I do like that stove in the bedroom. just imagine how cozy that would be. great mix of things here; a very clean and simple look that would be refreshing to live in. I especially like that 'domestic bazaar' sign and I would love to have it...


  2. dream home! even the old door leaned up against the wall looks gorgeous.

  3. I think white houses are so beautiful and serene. Some of my ancestors are Finnish, but I'm sad to say I don't know much about their design. Although, I believe Saarinen may be Finnish, so we've got that going for us.

    Thanks for the eye candy!