10 June 2010

The Blog Rabbit Trail...

I think one of the best things about blogging for me will be that I can look back and see where I have come from.  I am new to this, but am having fun with it!  I was thinking whatever got me started in the first place.

I really got the design bug in our last home.  (Actually, I have always been obsessed with it.  When other little girls in our neighborhood would play school, I was making my own magazines--my first one was called "Paisley Park"!  I totally remember it.  I also remember these lace-up floral boots I wore in 6th grade.  These stick out in my mind because they are my first memory of taking a bold design move.)  

Anyway, I knew I had this passion and I had a friend come help me, Anisa Darnell.  She is awesome.  I will post her house someday when she lets me.  Her home will be in a magazine (or two, or three) one day!

She helped me get out of my comfort zone and get a little bold!

The kitchen wasn't so bold--but these stripes were a bold move!  (I know I look tired in that picture.  Wyatt didn't sleep well til 20 months!)

Yet, even after we changed our home, Chris and I knew in our hearts that it was time to sell our home.  Bad market in Atlanta notwithstanding, we still listed it.  

It sold at the first showing.  I am not being boastful, it was God's will....just explaining that this gave me some confirmation for my passion for design.  I worked my hiney off to stage that home (Chris did, too)! I cleaned, got a storage unit, and learned a lot from Ms. Sabrina Soto.  They day of our first showing I bought $20 worth of white roses from Wal-Mart and sprinkled them throughout the home.  I loaded up two babies, the dog, and what I had left of my sanity.  I prayed that day, "God, I feel that it is your will for us to move.  If so, please let it be today.  I don't think I can do this again."

It went under contract!

We found this diamond-in-the-rough....so I needed some design help.

Then begins my first experience with design blogs.  While looking at Wisteria's website (sorry, don't know how to do embedded links yet), I looked at their "design community" link.  I saw this blog:

I loved it!  I began searching and learning.  Not only did I love Brooke's style, I loved her spirit.  I think one reason I never got into a career in design was my fear that all design lovers were superficial and materialistic.  My brief experience in the fashion world in my early '20s showed me that.

I was wrong.  I began learning that many design-obsessed (like myself), loved design for the art of it; like they were expressing their souls.  From her blog I found others like Erika from Urban Grace, Marianne at Haven and Home and Rachel at Nest Egg.  Not only were these women talented (and lovely), but I could tell from their posts that they did so to glorify God.

This gave me hope!

From there, I found Lauren's blog at Pure Style Home.  At first, I must admit, I was jealous.  Not only is she uber-talented, beautiful, and seemingly living an ideal family life, but she is ambitious!  

(I love this bedroom redo she did at a woman's shelter.  Style really doesn't have to cost a lot!)

I have learned that when I feel jealous it usually means that I need to get my butt up and do something.  

Now, I really just feel respect for her.

I loved how open she and revealing she was in her blog.  I also got some ideas from her!

I feel in love with this:

Her breakfast nook

So, I emailed her and she told me where to get this:

So sad, but it was discontinued!  So, I found this at Home Depot:

I absolutely love it!  (And the price fit our budget well).

From there, I found myself discovering more online design, like Sibella Court:

Whose style and fearlessness is so inspiring.  When you take risks, not everyone will like it.
I love that about designers.  

That makes me think about Lauren again.  She became a bonefide designer here:

You hang a globe up like a light fixture--then you've got design cahones!!

My favorite blogs also come from Sweden...I love images like these (credits unknown):

Wow...that was cheaper than therapy!  Take care, Julie


  1. I have found female design bloggers to be among the most generous women I've ever "met". When I first started blogging I had several contact me to offer support and offer their assistance if I ever needed it. Not only did I find design inspiration since I began blogging, I found a lovely, supportive group of blogging friends.

  2. Julie,love, love, love this post! And what you have done with your wallpaper and mirror and table in your entry is gorgeous. I so agree with you about getting out of your comfort zone. Aren't we all just tired of the same old, same old? I remember hearing a designer say, It's just paint, etc. things can be changed out. I would rather be an original than just follow what people are telling me I should.
    Great post.

  3. I love the design blog community too!! So much inspiration out there, it really is mind-boggling. So many creative people sharing ideas and inspiration. It's wonderful!!

    P.S. - I would love to get your opinions and ideas about rug designs over at my blog, if you get a chance!

  4. Julie, lovely, lovely blog! I adore anything having to do with interior design and wish so much I had followed my heart and gone into it as a profession (instead of what I do for a living). Anyway I have signed up to Follow your blog, I just love it and your beautiful home! Thank you for sharing,

  5. Julie, your comments are inspiring and thanks for sharing about your mom. As you said, its never too late to change your path in life and who knows, I just may end up like your mom one of these days doing what I really love instead of what I do to make money:)I'm very new to the blog world and I love coming across great blogs to FOLLOW and this is so worth coming back to, its adorable!

  6. Hi! This was on your related links today and I just had to click over. Just think at all that has changed in your life since you posted this!

    "Your steps are ordered" my friend.