17 June 2010

My Style in a Pic

Do you have any idea how many images you store up when you are gutting a home?  I really have so many images that I can say are "me" in a picture, but there is a lot about me currently in this shot.

(image:  Bolig magazine in Denmark--thanks, Ally!)

I am loving zebra fabrics (I have some blue and white and I just bought the gray and white zebra pillow from West Elm), so I love this rug.

I love the controlled clutter on the (probably) IKEA shelving on the walls.

I love the sunniness and brightness of the room....and anything white!

I love the sparkle of the chandelier

I love seeing the loads of books when you walk in...I always love books

I love the symmetry of the two funky table lamps

I love the modern art on the opposite walls

Love neutrals....but still the layers of texture.

That was fun 

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  1. so much fun to get to know you thru an image! I noticed the fun lamps right away. I think they are my favorites in the photo, those and the art piece on the wall. They really kick the room up, don't they? love all the calming neutrals and I totally know what you mean about books making a room!

  2. I just love Scandinavian style so much and this room is a perfect example of why. It's so calming even when there is a lot of stuff because it's put together so well. I think this photo is from the Danish magazine, Bolig? Thanks so much for participating in the challenge!

  3. What a gorgeous room! I could live here too.

  4. What's not to love? It even has chevron-patterned hardwood floors. So light and airy, but full of meaningful pieces. Great choice!

  5. I will have to pop over to play. Your room is so peaceful but not the least bit boring. So beautiful!

  6. What a great choice of room for the challenge! LOVE the chandelier!
    <3 Cara

  7. Love the floors and the console table! Great choice, Julie!

  8. Great style shot, cute family, fabulous kitchen!

  9. Hi Julie,
    just checking in to see what's new and to just let you know, I have been thinking about what you said on La Bella Vie about your mom and that its "NEVER EVER TOO LATE IN LIFE"...I'm going to look into what it would take to persue my dream...at 53 years young!
    Thank you dear friend!
    PS I'd like to extend the invitaion to come FOLLOW my blog if you would like, its sort of fun to see all the little smiling faces up there:)