30 June 2010

Helena's Kitchen, etc....

I am late to this party....but I just read The Selby last night.  It is fun and colorful, and I love that the homes are real.  How great is that black vent with a copper register?  The kitchen is very NY, yet the white and open shelving seems to beckon back to her Scandinavian roots.

One reason I have so many books on the blog is I get a discount when I click and order them from here.  I buy a lot of books, so I need all the help I can get.  

Books are also my inspiration.  As much as I have learned from blogs and love them, I will always buy books.  I guess once an English teacher...always an English teacher.

I knew this book was going to be fun when you see the introduction page is full of stickers!! 

The boys have already found them and stuck them on each other.

Helena isn't the only model with her home featured, here is another:

Everything about this book & website is hip:

fun watercolor portraits you find of each home owner

the epitome of a NY kitchen...she has her library in her open shelves instead of plates.  Love it.

Are you like me?  Do you love a million styles?  Wouldn't it be wonderful to have about six homes?   I would have:
1.  our current home (I do love it!)
2.  bohemian art pad...kilim rugs, messy gallery walls, loads of books that are not matchy-matchy
3.  an arts & crafts bungalow for Chris
4.  a modern and open beach home
5.  a true Scandi-cottage in Oslo
6.  A modern/rustic Brooklyn townhome (I am specifically thinking of that Fitz home from The Brooklyn Home Company!)

and a few more fun images....look what my friend & client found yesterday!

What great panels filled with fabric roses?  From Anoki Home Atlanta.

Have a good one!  ....Julie


  1. OOh, I think I need that book!! Looks über chic!!


  2. YES! How do we marry our mix of styles together in one home? I have never really considered myself a fan of more modern styles til I started reading a particular blog or two and now I'm hooked. and don't even get me started on a boho vibe. I go crazy over that look....what's a girl to do..?

  3. Oooh is right I like the look of that book! Nice one Julie! I am with you on the different styles! Might meet ya in Oslo househunting or Stockholm or Copenhagen or Nyc or Paris..aaghh !!?!!

  4. LOVE those curtains! I'll have to check out The Selby - I'm even later to the party.

  5. 6 homes would be perfect. I too love so many styles as long as they are done well.

  6. That fabric is so beautiful, what would you make with it? I would have several homes as well! Hopefully someday I will have a lakehouse at least!

  7. oh yes, i need several homes too with different styles. i'm really late to the party.....i've never even heard of The Selby!

  8. Just came accross your blog and I love it! Where did you get the backsplash tile in your kitchen? It's deee-lish!!

  9. Love the website, don't have the book yet. And yes, I love so many different styles that I can't seem to commit to one!!

  10. I love your website! I love the header picture with the console table and the vintage looking pieces! It is fantastic!