31 May 2010

Inspiration for our open shelving

Do you remember seeing this from CL--makeovers on a budget?  Well, I fell in love.  I bet the zinc "M" from Anthro didn't hurt.  Something about this kitchen really stuck with me.

So when we found our beautiful diamond in the rough last September (an untouched '70s ranch), I knew this picture had to be incorporated.  I hate to admit that I totally copied a magazine...but I did.  I hope I continue with this passion I have for design, grow in my confidence, and one day go only with my gut.  But for now and the near future, I am definitely taking my cues from blogs and magazines.

The fireclay apron-front sink was a definite in our kitchen renovation.  My mom has had a farmhouse sink since I can remember, so perhaps me owning one was already predestined in my genes.

After looking up the sources in the magazine, I found the designer used a Walker Zanger diamond pattern.  After I got their catalog, I realized I loved Ashby Mosaic better--a little bit quatrefoil.  

In the inspiration picture, the tile goes all the way up.  My contractor said "No Way."  He tried to convince me to get subway tile.  At 22 cents a tile I wouldn't cry if one or two chipped during drilling.  We tried a million different ideas to see if these oak shelves would work with the WZ tile, but we just didn't take the chance.  I also didn't want to change to subway (which I do love).  This tile, in my opinion (and I am the only one washing dishes here three times a day), is the jewelry of the room.  It stayed.

I don't really have a good shot of it yet, but here at nighttime you can see we chose beadboard for the remainder of the backing of the shelving.  We also extended the beadboard floor to ceiling around the table area.

It is a dream come true for me to have this kitchen.  Life is so challenging (and beautiful) raising two little boys, it is so rewarding to do so in an environment that you love and that inspires you.

Wishing you inspiration and beauty!  Julie


  1. Going thru a kitchen reno myself and doing opening shelving. Thanks for the inspiration! Any chance you can share where you got these amazing tiles and farm sink? Thanks!

  2. Oh my goodness, that tile is gorgeous! I just painted my office with that pattern, so I know I love it. Where did you find it?