19 June 2010

Multi Purpose: Banquettes

My friend and client has a challenging nook in her kitchen.  It is long and narrow.  On the opposite side of the entry there is a wall of windows, and the adjacent wall is filled with cabinets.  The storage is great, of course, but it makes it difficult to scoot around the table.

As most families these days, they are busy with life and work and children.  They need this space to work hard for them, too (did I borrow that from a commerical?  Make your money work hard for you or something?)

Jennifer wants a place to have her laptop when she is working.  She also wants a place for the kids to draw or play while Jeremy is cooking (she is blessed with a husband who cooks homemade marinara and rolls his own sushi!  She cooks, too....but he is the main chef in the house.  How lucky!)

(another old file...the image says "Trisk Kitch".  Help me out if you can)

They have a fairly large round table in there now and four iron chairs.  We discussed building an island so the kids can sit on stools while dinner is cooking.  We also talked about some mudroom-type storage (built-in or premade from Ballards) or, perhaps, a desk.  

(Skona Hem)
It didn't feel right.  A keeping room with a loveseat, bench or comfy chairs is warm and inviting, but I don't think it will serve this family the best.

What I believe we have decided upon is a great banquette!


Her now red kitchen will be repainted BM's Navajo White..a perfect shade that picks up white, cream and gray.  It won't compete with the light violet color we are doing her dining room.

We'll do a smaller round table, like this:  (probably the IKEA knock-off)

(Cottage Living)

kids love benches!!

We may paint it black:

And they already have the wall in there filled with their children's art.  All we need are frames for them...probably the cream frames from Pottery Barn.

(fun collage featured in Domino)


I am thinking something like this...all the way up!  Why not?

We will do some fun lighting....either a lotus flower:

(our master bath)

by the way, I got mine for a steal at an antiques shop.  Viva Terra has one for much more, around $300.  Anyone know of another source?  Help a sistah out.

or this:

or, we'll see...

We will definite pair the bench (Ballard's Coventry Seating) with some violet faux ghost chairs from Z Gallerie... Perfect!!

Here is a little more banquette eye candy:

 (unknown, again)

bye, bye!  Julie


  1. i love banquettes too! great pics as always.
    have a great weekend

  2. Like the wall of all white frames.

  3. I just posted about this light fixture! Found one here: http://www.islandwoods.com/lamps.html