31 August 2010

Before and After: The Master Bathroom

This room might be my most favorite transformation.  We did
the most structural work in this room.  Basically, we gutted it.

I love looking at these pictures.  Look at the picture of their
seven kids in that picture...(and I complain about space!)

This is a typical '70s ranch that you find in Atlanta.  In this picture, you see the closet
the former owners shared.  Now, this is just mama's closet and papa uses
an armoire.  (This prompts a question good for another post...
why do we think we need so much more stuff than we had in the '70s?....)

The first thing we did was get rid of the light box, the wall that separates the vanity
area from the bathroom, and the cabinet and countertop.

You know...I wonder if these will come back in "vogue" one day?  My mom
had one of these vanities with a cute stool and it was nicely carpeted
underfoot.  Did your mom have this, too?  I have so many memories of her
sitting there with tweezers and staring into one of those microscopic mirrors.  Okay,
that memory is a little scary.

We also discarded the mirror and lights (actually, our contractor
owns many rental properies, so he saved as much as possible
to reuse there.  We attempted to be green!)

I found this open cabinet at the Restoration Hardware outlet
north of Atlanta.  You gotta love outlets.  It is sturdy white
painted wood and came with great undermount sinks for a 
song.  Chris and I thought it worked perfectly in this room.

We also got this at RH.  You can't mess with a man and
his toilet paper holder.

Chris is a hardware snob.  I ordered budget-friendly hardware
for the sink, and Chris surprised me with the lovelies...

We found this marble (a remnant) at a stone place
in Atlanta our contractor uses.  One benefit of hiring help....
if you hire someone good they will have relationships 
built with vendors.  If we came off the street to buy this we
would have paid much more.  He got it at his builder's cost which
helped a ton (and also enabled us to get nice counters for the rest
of the house)

We kept the window as-is.  We wanted to bump this out...but it just wasn't

We did steal a little of Wyatt's closet to make room for the tub.

But we gave him our old armoire...so we're not entirely cruel.

We also replaced the potty with one that uses
less water.  I hate it, though.  Do you have one of these?

One of my favorite parts of this renovation was
our addition of two french doors and the glass

I also love our additional of the vertical boards

This adds a lot, in our opinion, and was not a huge cost.

The guys just made the boards flush with the moulding.

I know I have posted about this light a lot, but it is so great
(and a fun find at a local antiques' store...$39!)

We did buy two curtains and three liners for showering purposes.  So
far (and we have been here a year in December), so good.  We
haven't missed a traditional shower.

I painted one of our old stools and it works as a razor and coffee holder.
Well, usually just coffee.

We used penny round tiles here with oyster grout.  It was special
order...but worth the wait.

I am cleaning and packing today to get ready for my 
(solo!) beach trip tomorrow to Rosemary Beach.  I can't believe it.
I don't think I have ever driven to the beach by myself.

Any good pics here are from Crosby Twiss Photography
The not-so-good (and you know which ones those are) are mine

Also, remember Rita Konig of Domino glory?  You can find an
amazing interview with her here at a beautiful and inspiring blog
A Lovely Being  (just scroll a little to find it...I couldn't
link the specific post)



  1. What a beautiful and relaxing spot to "get ready" every day! I love the contrast {you're so good at that} between the rustic and the glam. Amazing job!

  2. beautiful, Julie. I love all the touches, especially the french doors and the wall planking. that ceiling pendant is perfect for your space. I found a small chandelier with amber crystals at a local antique shop and put that in my guest bath. I love it. Finds like that just make a space, don't they? And what a difference you guys made by taking that wall down.

    enjoyed that post very much!

  3. Oh, my, Julie. It's perfect. No detail left untouched. I love it all: the light fixture, the curtain holders from the ceiling, the clawfoot tub, the interior siding, the flooring, the cabinet, the sink fixtures...and of course the little touches like the shade, the shower curtain, the crystal door knob, the brown baskets and the metal bucket. It's absolutely lovely.

  4. It is so incredibly pretty. You did such a great job using the space to its full potential. You really have an eye for design. Great job!

  5. Julie...I am headed to Rosemary on Thursday for the holiday weekend also!!!
    LOVE your bathroom by the way....It is SO my style! All that white and the horizontal boards.....yum

  6. Beautiful transformation!!! Can I say I'm just a bit jealous that you are heading to the beach ALONE! Have a great time!

  7. What an amazing change! You put in a lot of effort and money here which is spot on for a master bedroom! I have a water saving toilet, I don't notice a difference really. And I have often wondered what we have more of than we did in the 60s to warrant extra space? Now, I have more clothes than the average girl, that I'm aware of, but all the other stuff, I'm not even sure where it comes from! I go through phases though where I tear everything out of my cabinets and throw things away, so cleansing!

  8. Brilliant! I love the way your house flows. It is so cohesive that when I see an image, I can immediately tell it is from your home. Everything about your bathroom is fabulous!

    BTW, why do we need more stuff now?


  9. Gorgeous bathroom - love all the white! Oh, and I'm completely jealous that you get to go to the beach alone! What I'd give!!!

  10. Julie, I love your bathroom so much! How wonderful to wake up every day and walk into that! Our master bath is not much bigger than your tub area! Most of our home is still a "before". It's always so nice to dream about the "after"!

  11. Oh, and have a great time on your lovely getaway!

  12. Julie,
    I love your bathroom and seeing the before pictures makes it even better. Great transformation and use of the space!! I am so jealous of the tub (someday, someday) and all the white is so crisp and clean.

  13. I'm in total LOVE with your bathroom! the penny tiles are my favourite and all the special touches are what really make it special - it's absolutely beautiful xo

  14. I am not surprised, that I LOVE every last detail! And I love your attention to detail. I'm taking notes! Have a wonderful time at the beach!!


  15. Oh Wowie Wow! You. Are. Amazing. I love it. I want it for my own. Those glass door knobs seal the deal for me.

  16. I love all the details. What a beautiful bathroom. You did an incredible job. I love the before and after pictures. You are very talented.


  17. 1. I love your bathroom. it is absolutely beautiful.
    2. thank you for the shout out! that was so very sweet of you.. I'm pleased that you liked it :)

    have a good night,
    xx fallon

  18. Very pretty...I love the floors and the wood planks on the walls. It looks so restful :)

  19. Enjoy the beach. This post is fantastic. Your photos are all great. I checked out the Rita Konig interview it is fab...Sinead

  20. As always, your bathroom is beautiful!! Quite the transformation. Have a wonderful time in Rosemary. We went there last summer for our vacay. We always hit somewhere on 30A. Love it!

  21. Julie, I almost fell of my chair! What a tranformation! I LOVE it! Cant' get over the open sink-cabinet. All fantastic!

    Enjoy your time off and come home safe.

    ox, Mon

  22. Your bath is gorgeous! I love that cabinet you found - that light fixture - the tiles - walls. EVERYTHING!

  23. gasp! This is amazing. Can I come live in your bathroom? xo

  24. Very beautiful bathroom! The ceiling light fixture is to-die-for gorgeous!!! Angie xo

  25. Wow I live in Calif and we had the same bathroom set-up so I see that look in the 70s went from coast to coast. I love what you did, what a great transformation.Taking down the wall really makes it look so much bigger!!! Love it,Kathysue

  26. Great transformation! I would love to see a photo of how the bathroom entrance looks from the bedroom! Did you close in that open space with the french doors?

  27. Loving your reno - I'm about to do a bathroom reno - just did some tile calculations like 10 minutes ago - wish me luck!