03 August 2010

Suzanne Kasler's Line is Out & A Little Bargain Hunting!

How great is this mirror from Suzanne Kasler's new line at Ballard Designs?  My client may be buying it!  It is out now at Ballards 
(believe me, I get no props for talking about them...I just shop there a lot and I love that they are local...and the outlet is down the street!)

Here are her white antlers...that my client also wants.

Her quatrefoil label tag with a jute rope (have to buy your own chalk)  Love this!

How beautiful is this mirrored sconce?  Can you tell that Jill Brinson works for Ballard Designs?  Remember her Atlanta home from House Beautiful?

why not one more of her awesome home?

Can you imagine a dinner of say roast chicken, chocolate silk pie & some malbec with some candles twinkling on those sconces?  Isn't that what design is all about....beauty?

Kasler's trio of mirrors

Now, here are some sale items from Sundance that are amazing:


I'll write notes next time--I think $229ish


4 "earth" tumblers $19.99 (don't you love drinking wine out of these?  Can you tell I have wine on the brain?)

And on sale at Wisteria....

This is so ugly that it is pretty.  But how practical?

And at Anthropologie...

unique wallpaper for $40ish a roll...

This lamp for can't remember

and this rug!

And did you watch Ali & Roberto last night?  How sweet are they?  That is my one appointment show that I don't miss...cheesiness and all.

What show is your guilty TV pleasure?


  1. Julie, I did watch and was rooting for Chris!! Oh, he is so adorable! But, I am happy for Ali & Roberto! Thanks for your suggestion yesterday - I had a hard time finding CL's tool you suggested....do you have a link?? I'm loving those white antlers!!

  2. Oooh, I need to head over to Ballards and check the new items out! I'm so jealous that there is an outlet by you!

    I have so many guilty TV pleasures - Mad Men, Hell's Kitchen, Community, etc. I like a random assortment too.

  3. Hi Julie, So lucky there is a ballard design outlet near you. Do you really find bargains there? Heavenly!

    Sorry for my ignorance, but what is Ali and Roberto show? I love home hunters international.... It's a cool one. Have you seen design by 8?
    Really like that one too. You can watch reruns on hulu.com.

    Have a wonderful day and thanks for the finds.


  4. I love Ballards also! And that first sun mirror is fabulous!

  5. Julie that pendant light from sundance is just the thing...great price, too!

  6. I didn't watch the show last night, but I knew someone would let the "cat out of the bag"! And what?! Ballard Design outlet down the street? Amazing...Janell

  7. love that exposed bulb pendant light from sundance-can think of 20 different places I'd love to have it in my home!

    my guilty pleasure is on tonight-Rachel Zoe!!!!

  8. great spaces - I could totally eat chicken there! Love the pendant light and the sawhorse style table. amazing prices!
    I did watch Ali last night and knew she would choose Roberto but still think Chris is a doll - I could totally grow old rocking on that porch in Cape Cod! : )

  9. I love the trio of mirrors and the light fixture! You are so lucky to have the outlet close by!

  10. I just love that mirror and the industrial light! You have such good taste. I'm really wondering where you found that mirrored table in your daybed room. I love that!

  11. Just got my new Ballard's catalog today. Love all the SK items you highlighted. I too have been watching the Bachelorette - definitely a guilty pleasure. I was a Chris fan, so was a bit disappointed, but oh well.

  12. That is a great mirror! I am so behind girl! Hope your doing great!!