08 August 2010

Liam's Room Redo

Well, I attempted to post this last week but I really wasn't pleased with the pictures.  I got out Chris' camera this weekend and tried again...I think they are a little better!

He is almost four and has grown out of his toddler bed, so I searched this summer for a good deal on an antique bed--and I found one!  I knew I wanted to paint the bed....and Liam, Chris and I all love green.  I also remembered this photo I saw on Two Ellie 
This is almost the same green we used on our front door...we still have so much left we used it for his bed...and his walls.

I also recall this picture from some of my Scandinavian files.  I love how the bed blends in with the walls.  Chris was on-board for painting about half of Liam's walls....so we went ahead and used the same semi-gloss Georgian Green by Benjamin Moore.  I think glossy paint is good for kids' rooms....so easy to wipe stuff off!

our green door...

and here's our big boy's green (well, half-green) room...and green bed

Mama still needs to work on a dust ruffle.   Here is a cute green & white rug I found at World Market.   (Love that is has that Scandinavian cross, too :)

And this was my chair when I was little.  My grandaddy found this in a junk pile in middle Georgia and took it home to my Mema.  They covered it in the same fabric as their sofa and said it was mine.  I was so tickled!  You know, middle children do need to feel special every now and then.

 This is its third upholstery job.  

Not sure what I was thinking getting white for a little boy.  It may stay that way another year or so.

Here he is in former bed with his cousin, Augusta.

The cute tractor sheets (and excavators and cement mixers, of course!) are from Grandma.

Do you love painted furniture as much as I do?

His dresser got a makeover, too.

A while ago, Reid from Ghost Nest contacted me about his product.  You know, I don't mind giving company props when it is really something I would buy.  And how cute that these personalized knobs come in a fun paint can?

and even a sticker

Liam loves a good trailer...so the Airstream with a green background is a perfect fit for his room!  He loves them.  Thanks, Reid at Ghost Nest!

I think these could really be fun with a monogram or numbers.

Now...what to pick out for baby brother's room?

Happy Monday to you, Julie


  1. i love the bed. it's a very cute room!

  2. His room turned out great! I really like the bed being the same color at the bottom half of the wall....nice.

  3. It looks great. I love the rug, step-stool and painted furniture. He must love his new room.

  4. it looks so cute! love the bed the same colour as the walls and that rug is awesome! : )

  5. Hi Julie,

    You did a great job. Love the colors... the green, and brown.
    love the light and the globe.... I'm sure he loves his room!


  6. Such a nice space for your little man! Love that green paint and great rug! I too love painted furniture! Everything came together so nicely! Great job!

  7. I noticed that rug at World Market too. Great deal. Also love the way you used so much green but it doesn't at all overwhelm the room because it's only on half of the wall. Well done!

  8. Julie, Liam's room looks fabulous!! I love the green. I need to get on the ball and give Butterball a big boy room. You have inspired me!

  9. Its absolutely adorable! LOVE the green.

  10. Julie: It's adorable!!! Looks great. I found the exact same spindle bed at an antique store for my son's big boy room!!! It's almost finished....Don't you love decorating kid's rooms? So fun!

  11. that room looks wonderful, julie. especially the bed....that was a great choice of color...

  12. It's gorgeous. You did a fabulous job. I think the room will grow with him too.

  13. Super Cute. I'm working on my 3 yr old nephew's room right now. I love the bed and that hardware!!

  14. The bed looks great, I love that color! I bet he's really loving the new digs!

  15. Fabulous! You pulled it together perfectly. My girls have white painted spindle beds that I adore!

  16. I love painted furniture too! That's a perfect shade of green!

  17. It looks wonderful! I love painted furniture too! I am thinking I need a painted something for a media stand in my living room.

  18. I'm loving Liam's room! The painted bed, that adorable rug, those wonderful check curtains - wonderful job!