17 August 2010

White Love: Pebble Beach Home Tour

Another amazing home from Betty Burgess.

Betty..you seem to be busy these days.  You 
need some help, call me!  I'll answer your phones,
cook you dinner, heck, I'll bring the boys over
and we'll clean your house.  Oops, that probably
won't work.  Just call me anyway.  

Please check out that wall of marble with the vent hood so
beautifully attached.  I wonder how much that costs?

Again, the same marble graces the floors of this yummy bathroom.

...and the wall....and shower....and countertop.

I am mixed about hiding a TV.  Let's be real, would this lovely
wooden cabinet not remain open?  That is something I bet would
drive most husbands crazy.  As great at this is...there has to be a TV
solution for us all!

Great design, in my opinion, by using the high-back sofa, high console table,
and including two pretty stools underneath.  There is always need for extra
seating if you entertain!!

What a view.  This looks like Ireland to me.

Hope there is some beauty in your Tuesday....Julie


  1. Holy marble! Stunning but pricey bathroom. A girl can dream...

    I love the shape of the couch, and the urns of moss from the windowsills!

  2. I do love that TV cabinet, have had it in my files for years. But, I agree, it would always be open!?!

  3. I love the living room with the high back chair. What am I saying, I love it all! And you're right, the scenery does look like Ireland.

  4. I love the living room w/all the natural colors!! Simply beautiful!

  5. I can't imagine how much all that marble must cost! It's sure is beautiful though, so seamlessly flowing those rooms. Beautiful!

  6. I am such a fan of white marble - love the photos!

  7. Oh, I'm obsessed with marble lately - wish I could redo my entire kitchen!! Love your blog! Cheers! ~ Sally@livelovechic

  8. Wow, all that marble. Did they go all the way to Italy to make sure it call came from the same stone? What a view too!

  9. its all gorgeous but that stove/oven is absolutely stunning.

  10. Hi Julie,

    Thank you very much for your lovely and kind comment!
    This a beautiful house, indeed. Love the kitchen... and the living room... and oh my god.. that view! Amazing!


  11. That kitchen is gorgeous...

    Eddie & Jaithan

  12. As I'm sitting in my "dark" house right now...covered in thunderstorms...I could use a dose of white!!!

  13. what a gorgeous home! and you really can't go wrong with marble can you? I'm loving that huge range and hood! and I agree, the tv cabinet would be open constantly - we have a cabinet and I rarely see the doors closed on it :)

  14. Gorgeous! They sure cleaned out that Carrara quarry...the vein matching is perfection. I love all of the spaces..so light and airy!
    Oh, and keep us posted if you ever do see the perfect TV solution!

  15. Our flatscreen hangs unapologetically over our mantle. There's really no other place to put it. It doesn't bother me, but I know some think it's a no-no. I just need to figure out how to decorate the mantle around the TV. It can be a challenge!

  16. Pebble Beach is so magical...I can only imagine the gorgeousness of this home in that setting. One of my favorite places on earth!

  17. I want that ottoman in my bathroom! Gorg!!

  18. I am with you on the TV thing. I have been trying to find inspiration for open media storage lately. I get a little stuck, feeling like it looks a little blank if you don't want to mount your tv on the wall above your media cabinet.

  19. This is so beautiful, I just love the beams on the ceiling :)

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