16 August 2010

Worth the Money

1.  Glass Doorknobs

We put these (from Anthropologie, about $40) in the french doors in our bedroom.
In the long run, the extra cost isn't that much, and they add character and charm to a room.

2.  Frye Boots

image via Bloomingdales

image via Bloomingdales

Chris actually surprised me with my pair.  I am more of a T.J. Maxx kinda girl and rarely pay
over $50 for boots.  I LOVE these, though.  I have been wearing them with dresses all summer, and I can't wait to wear them in the fall.  (Still 95 degrees in Georgia!)

And while talking about boots....I love wearing camel-colored boots with black.  (A la Carolyn below.  I still miss her and J.F.K., Jr.

and just to pause for a moment to remember their style.  Can you imagine what the interior of her home would look like now?

(image via People.com)

back to list...

3.  Custom Blackout Shades for Nursery or Toddler Rooms

I really love the burlap shades in the boys room.  It was more to get them custom-made...
but, again, WORTH the money!  You don't mess with kids' sleep.  And with our south-
facing home, we needed some real black-out lining to block the sun.  They help tremendously (also
during the summer where sometimes it is still quite bright when little ones get tired at night.)

(this was Wyatt's nursery at our previous home.  We got wooden shades with blackout lining from Home Depot.)

4.  A (Good) Gym Membership

I have finally accepted that my life is my life.  I am grateful for my husband's job, of course,
but the film industry's hours are worse than a doctor's.  It is crazy.  

I state this because I have accepted to really get in shape and get a good workout, I 
needed a good gym with great childcare.  I found that--and it is worth the money!!  

I will go without some things to pay for it each month, but that is okay.  

I want to be one of those buff grandmas one day.  It is worth the money to take care of yourself.

5.  Seventh Generation Dishwasher Gel

This stuff makes the whole house smell good!  I can't wait to run a load just for the fresh,
clean smell.  (I get mine at Target or Whole Foods for around $5....)

6.  Clawfoot Tub

Actually, during our renovation this wasn't too much more than 
a standard sink.  I am a bath girl, and Chris doesn't mind showering in here....so we 
both love it.  If you love baths, you will love how it curves with your body and has that
little roll right where you head is.  Ours is acrylic, which at first I was unhappy about because
I like everything "real", but now I am pleased.  It warms up quickly!

images by Crosby Twiss

7.  A Good Chair--Repurposed & Kid-Friendly

I love the idea of taking an antique chair (like this one from Sixx Design), painting it white, then reupholstering in a leather or vinyl that looks cool and wipes clean.  This metallic blue version just kills me!  I love it.

8.  A Capiz Light

This image (a beach home from BH & G Magazine), was one of the four inspiration photos for our entire home.  The light did it for me...I knew I had to have one.  There is such a playfulness and romance to it, in my opinion.  And, sometimes if you walk by quickly and create a little breeze....they make a little music for you like chimes.

Can you tell I love it?  I take enough pictures of it.

9.  A Couture Outfit

Now, I do not have one couture outfit.  I believe they are worth the money, though.  Just one--

Chloe via Elle.com

10.  Cake Bunting

Like you saw in my last post, I love the bunting I bought on Etsy for 9.95 plus shipping from Modern Frills .  I will use it for a long time!  (These images from Ruby Press )

Okay....and one more                    11.  Fannie Farmer Cookbook

My Mema actually has given me two copies of this book--once for high school graduation and once for grad school.  It is like a bible for cooking....the best crabcake recipe, potato salad, crepes, etc.  It is one of those cookbooks where you can look in the fridge, see that you have eggs and zucchini, and find a recipe in here for those things.  A great graduation or wedding gift!

Have a good Monday...we're off to the gym :)



  1. great post, sweetheart. I really enjoyed it. Just saw your home on Desire to Inspire. congratulations. You are the bomb and we love ya'!


  2. Yes, these are all very worth the money! I have some vintage Frye boots and love them! That granny shot is priceless. Good for you for sticking to a workout routine. I need to be better about that. And I'll have to try that dishwashing gel - I love anything that makes my house smell good!

  3. Great list! I also have some vintage Frye boots and they make me happy every time I wear them!!

  4. Love this list! Target had knockoffs of those boots last year, but they sold out in my size immediately. I hope they bring them back again this year! The gym one hit home with me. I'm doing a trial month membership before biting the bullet and paying for a nice gym membership. I think I'm worth it :)

  5. Great list and the glass door knobs were certainly worth it, they are so beautiful! Enjoyed this post! Janell

  6. I really want a pair of frye boots! Maybe I can snag a pair on sale and almost be able to afford them. I love all the things on this list! I will have to try that dishwash soap!

  7. Love this post. And bless you if your husband's hours are worse than a doctor's. I cannot imagine. Michael works all of the time over here!

    I have a great gym with free childcare and was going to start back today--- but of course, Collins just caught my cold that I had last week. Not fun!

  8. I found a pair of FRYE boots at a garage sale a couple years ago. The boots themselves are in great condition, but I need to get them re-soled. I was beside myself when i found them. That garage sale had other cool things (anthropologies clothes, etc) but i zeroed in on those boots when i saw them whilst driving down the street.

  9. Loved your list. Must buy cake bunting for my next child's bday - so cute. And I thought bunting was something to put on your baby in winter when they need to be all bundled up. Silly me. :)

  10. Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you like the veggie salad recipe!
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your home. SO beautiful! I love your list. I have a capiz shell lamp at my desk and I love it!

  11. Ah boots...I might have to break down and get myself a pair. I usually go the TJMaxx route too and the boots I have don't exactly fit.
    I totally feel your pain about your husband's hours. Mine is a musician. It is virtually impossible to make plans because of gigs. And I can't be mad because it's his job!!

  12. great post! love glass doorknobs and your light fixture! the boots are fab and I would love a couture outfit like that :)

  13. Great list....I would love to get me a pair of Frye boots - I've heard great things. I couldn't agree more about the gym membership and the kid friendly chairs. I'm dying to use leather or vinyl on our DR chairs.....one of these days I'll get around to it!

  14. Julie,
    I couldn't agree more with the list- especially the boots!
    they are a must have.
    I love your blog:) kick butt in the gym!

  15. Great list! Love the boots & the capiz!!


    ps - I'm hosting a giveaway with Eva Solo, and we're giving away the most beautiful dish shaped like a maple leaf :)

  16. Very fun to read your list! So many great things! That cake bunting is adorable.

  17. I love the knobs! You are right! So worth the money! Great list too, I always take something new away from your posts. Thank you!