14 August 2010

Wing & a Prayer Shower, etc.

One of my all-time favorite nurseries via

You know I love the all-white, the lotus flower pendant and the contrast
of the antique chair with the modern, leather ottomans.  So dreamy!

We had another baby-theme day at our home.  My sweetest friend in the world
is having her third baby girl....there was such a span between the other two that
she got rid of all of her baby gear and clothes.  We had to celebrate this little bean!

Here are a few pictures from what I like to call "A Wing & A Prayer" Shower:

Emily handmade each one of these cupcake art cute thingies!!  She is such a
good artist.  Here she is:

See the little birds (she made each one, again by hand--they are so detailed)
and brought these branches in to make this:

A prayer tree for the baby girl!!  She emailed each guest a week ago to have
them send her a prayer for the baby and family.  She stuck the branches in 
river rocks.  Isn't she creative?

Speaking of creative, my dear friend Anisa was here, too:


These girls are gorgeous and talented.  She did this:

among other things.  Such an artist and amazing decorator!

Okay, I have to brag about my husband, too.  I asked if he could
help cut some fruit while I clean (I am too cheap to buy the pre-cut
stuff.  I know I should when I'm busy...but it is so much cheaper
to cut your own.)  Look at what he did:

I told him we are opening an Edible Arrangements.  I have never seen such a pretty plate of 
fruit.  He's a good one.

Isn't this cute cake bunting I got from etsy this week?  (I'll post the
specific store later this week.  I need to find their business card)

It was a sweet, intimate shower.  I can't believe I didn't snap one of Cori!!  Sorry,
girlfriend (although, I have never met a preggars in their 33rd week who 
really cared if someone forgot to take their photo :)

And I was really having fun with Chris' camera today.  How is it that
my husband works with a camera daily, yet I am the 
family's photographer?  At least I get to use his good camera.

Please indulge me with some kid and garden pictures...

These boys love to pick and eat basil!!

I take no credit for this bounty.  I only neglect the garden and cook
what Chris brings in (sometimes).  Do you think sometimes
the plants grow better if you neglect them...what doesn't
kill ya makes you stronger kinda thing?

I know...I have been trying to cut it all week.  I bet I am the only
one in this country club 'hood who doesn't put pants
on their kids....or cut their hair.  This place needs a few
hippies to shake things up.

And end the day with noodles on the couch.  Am I the only mom
who does that?

Life.  Is.  Good.



  1. wonderful, Julie. your children are so precious. and the prayer idea for the baby shower is the absolute best thing I have ever seen. I'm stealing that idea!

    Love to you! Donna

  2. go hubs! what a pretty fruit platter and fun day!

  3. you alwasys have the best inspiration pics. what an adorable shower. your whole circle is full of talent!

  4. what adorable little kid pics you've got there! and I love the little touches at the shower - the cupcake thingies, the little prayers - too cute :)

  5. Beautiful Julie!!

    Be sure to enter my latest Giveaway! Much great talent in your group.


    Art by Karena

  6. Go hubby! That is a beautiful arrangement! Makes me hungry. The boys are adorable! I am glad to know I am not the only one who let's there children run around in their underwear! hehe Character butts drive me nuts! lol They grow up too fast! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  7. So much fun in this post! The shower looks fantastic, your husbands fruit arrangement is beautiful, love that artwork over your fireplace and your children are adorable. One of your boys totally reminds me of my brother when he was little! As always, so fun to read your blog!

  8. we just adored the prayer tree such a fab idea i also thought the cake bunting ig gorgeous!!! i love your blog and we look forward to seeing whats next

  9. Wow, everything looks just so sweet. I adore the cupcakes - the cutest!

    Rachel's Cottage House

  10. I could destroy that fruit plate, so yummy! Good for you running your household your own way. Who says it has to be perfect to be right! I had a tree like that at our wedding for the guest book. I made little tags for it that people wrote on, such a great idea to use for a shower too!

  11. You have magically managed to incorporate all of my favorite things into one post: babies, parties, kid pics, design, and FOOD! Your friends are very talented, and you can tell so much love went into this shower. I'm sure it was a special day Cori won't forget.

    I'm totally spreading the word on that prayer tree!!

  12. I love the underwear shots! We would do that around our hood too (well, not anymore since Pierce is 5 and would be embarrassed). Too cute!

    And your shower looked lovely. Isn't time with good friends so great?

  13. What beautiful photos. Your children are just precious, and that shower is awesome!

  14. Seriously, how did you make me life AND inspire me all in one post?!? Love it all.

  15. No, you aren't the only momma who lets their kids be wild and free. :-)

    Mr. Wonderful Husband, that fruit plate is amazing. Seriously, how much more work would an Edible Arrangements be?