27 August 2010

Seriously...get your coffee. Dare I say the rest of the home is better?

It is like if someone asks you if you would rather have a chocolate cupcake or chocolate cheesecake?

I gotta say, I LOVE the funkiness of the stencils, stripes and poms poms in the rest of the home .

You got your coffee?

You focused?

You love me?

Just checking.

Here it goes....

(Oh, by the way, this is Anisa Darnell's home.  She is a decorator.  She is my friend.  She lives in Georgia.  She might (probably) is trying out for Design Star next season.  She rocks.  Her husband rocks too, for a living...for God  Casey Darnell and his music here )

Yes.  That is stencils.  She did each one.  I forget how many days 
she said it took her.

Yes.  That is nailhead trim.

And how often do you see gallery lighting in the bedroom like this?
A M A Z I N G.  

I wonder if it doubles as reading light?  I need to ask her.

love the antique dresser and mod chair

So gorgeous it deserves another angle.

(by the way, they are redoing this soon.  Bye bye stencil, hello 12" barnwood horizontal

And onto the striking hallway...

She even beautifies laundry.

Why not make a chore lovely?

Back downstairs for a sec for the welcoming vignette

And are you ready for sweet Ava's room?

Seriously, my favorite little girl's room ever.

Look closer:  "Baby Doll's"  (yes, official given name) bed
is custom.  That is what future design star's
do to their little girl's little baby's beds!


And outside, the gorgeous fest continues:

Again, my favorite word:  contrast!

So remember this face....I tell ya, I have a feeling:

And as talented as she is (and as pretty), this doesn't compare
at all to her spirit.  She is rare!

Don't you love her home?  

Okay, love fest over.

Finish that coffee and enjoy your Friday!



  1. I *love* her home! seriously love it. I want to move right in. and she is gorgeous! her daughter's room is absolutely precious-- definitely saving these images in my inspiration files :)
    xx fallon

  2. Julie, it's beautiful!! She should definitely go for it!! What is so funny is that this morning I was lying in bed pondering what type of rug I should use in my newly painted horizontal striped upstairs landing. I was thinking of a natural colored rug, but worried it might be too bland. And 'lo and behold, I see your friend's hallway. Love it. I might just try the natural colored rug! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I had just sat down with my coffee and my baby to read your blog, and AAGH- her house really is so amazing. Where to start? That hallway might be my favorite-I-want-to-do-that portion. So much inspiration. She's just too darn cute not to win D.S.!

    I'll be mourning the loss of the stenciled wall...Have you seen the stenciled entry on Isabella & Max rooms?

  4. Julie, thanks so much for that look. I think I love Ava's room the best. the monogram is awesome and the painted panels add so much to the space. great ideas in every room that we can use!

    have a great weekend, babe! Donna

  5. Love her home...that stencil is amazing!!! Happy Friday!

  6. Somehow, each room gets better than the last. Amazing!! She is "wicked" talented.

  7. She is really talented. She should try out for DS... and that stencil is amazing! Please tell her not to paint over it... it's just gorgeous!

    have a lovely weekend


  8. GORGEOUS! I can't believe she stenciled the entire room herself! And the stripes---I die.

    xx Katie

  9. I've got my coffee..... but I didnt take one sip untill I was finished staring at all of these "to die for" pictures. She's amazing. I'd love to see her on design star next season.

  10. Such a treat! Her home is beautiful1 Loved that little girl's room!! Oh, I want to see more...please... :)

  11. sorry, me again..just went back for a 2nd look and saw the link to the rest of her home. yes, just as I thought...equally perfect! Thanks!

  12. Stop it. She's beautiful AND talented?!! Not fair! ;)

    the house is perfection, she does amazing work!

  13. Wow! I'm not usually a fan of patterned walls, but that was beautiful. Can't wait to see the barnwood thing she has up her sleeve. Thanks for sharing.

  14. wow she has an absolutely fabulous home!! and..... she is gorgeous. VEry talented person, she would be perfect on design star.

  15. jealous, jealous, super duper jealous, this is fantastic! the headboard made me sit back in my chair and say "whoa." Seriously, headboard of my dreams.

  16. Julie! It really is the perfect bedroom. I've actually been looking for that bed for my guest room. Crate & Barrel used to make one similar but have discontinued it. I'm on the verge of going the the upholsterer and asking them to create something for me. Do you know where she found this one? Beautiful, just beautiful.

  17. ok, I'm seriously loving her home! every inch of it! I can't believe the stencil is going away! it looks beautiful :)

  18. Oh her home is incredible! I adore the stripes in the hallway and her little girls room! So amazing!


  19. Super cute! I can't believe she stenciled that wall...she must have a lot of patience. The horizontal barnwood will look really good too.

    Love it. Thanks for sharing :)

  20. Swoon, I am rooting for her already!! =)

  21. Hope you're having a lovely Saturday Julie! Thanks for your fabulous email--I just sent you a reply but it bounced back saying your inbox is full. Is there another way I can get in touch?


  22. I saved this post for my Saturday morning latte. And boy am I glad I did. Love love love it all. Master bedroom is a work of art. She is incredibly talented. And beautiful! : )

  23. I love this home! What style! Can't wait to see what she does next!

  24. Ah Julie..I love your posts. I saved this for today when I finally got my act in order and got milk! So a cup of tea in hand, a slice of toast and touring your very talented pals house...bliss on a Sunday I say! Thanks hun..Sinead

  25. Speechless. She's so talented and shouldn't think twice about trying out. Pure dedication to stencil an entire wall. Wow. Thank you for sharing.

  26. Wow amazing! This is so beautiful and fresh. You're right about the girls room, best I've seen! And it could change with her as she grows without having to do a whole room redo. Good luck to her and all her dreams!

  27. Your friends home is so well done. I hope she is on Design Star. I love her choices and love that deck of hers! She is really good at mixing! Thanks for sharing!

  28. Love her house!! The horizontal striped hallway, the mongrammed daughter's room, the stenciled master...it's all wonderful! Thanks for sharing. When she redoes the master stencil you have to take another picture for us -

  29. Wonderful house! The perfect mix of old fashioned and modern sensibility. Homey. Yum.