01 September 2010

The Beautiful Stand-in.....A Perfect Gray

Hi, everyone! It's Donna from a perfect gray. I'm so tickled to be a guest here at Julie's Milk and Honey Home, one of my favorite blogs.  Julie, I am hoping your readers can help me out with a little problem I seem to be having!
Gray is my passion;
and I love the feel of a clean and spare look.
Yet I love color like this in a room...
...and the feel of a collected, lived-in house!
Love me some light, white rooms...
but curling up with a book in a dark den is dreamy!
Antiques and well-loved vintage things are what I live for...
...but a fun, youthful mix really gets me going!

Help! Is there a doctor in the house?

Are any of you similarly afflicted?
Photo credits: 1. via Pink Wallpaper; 2. via A Tranquil Townhouse; 3. via myleshenryblog; 4. via Belgian Pearls; 5. Todd Yoggy Interior Design; 6. John Derian's home/William Waldron Photography; 7. Patrice Guyard via belle maison


  1. Donna..I hear ya sista! We must be related!!! Great post! Sinead

  2. I hear you too! I guess that's partially why we read blogs - to fulfil all the design aspirations that we can't quite fit into our own houses.

  3. Hey Donna! What a nice surprise to find you over here! And yes, I feel your pain. I can never make a decision because I keep changing my mind! Color, no color? Lots of pattern, no pattern. It seems like I have a new idea every day!

  4. Open your arms to it all, Donna! I think that's what makes for the best places, the ones where the owners just let themselves dive head first into all that they love! But, just dash it with plenty of grey base colours ;) Fun post!

  5. I feel the same too! I am constantly all over the place! But I guess that is why I love design! The endless possiblities! Great post!


  6. If you find a doctor who treats this, please let me know. Maybe we can get a two-for-one deal on some therapy. Love this post!

  7. Haha, are we the same person? (that would give a new meaning to "multiple personalities"...)
    My solution is to force myself upon everyone i know and try redecorating their homes This way, i can satisfy all my loves without making my apartment look like a sorry mishmash.

  8. Yes! I have the exact same problem! When I see neutral rooms, I think "oh, how nice!" But then the color from the vibrant rooms grabs me and I want that! aagh!

    Beautiful images. Thanks!

  9. At least I know I'm not the only one!!!!
    One minute I love this and the next something totally different!!! I need help!!!

  10. Yes! I feel like I'm schizophrenic in my design style. I'm all over the place, and love so many different things, but they would never all work in the same house. I think that's why it is taking me forever to furnish and decorate my home.

  11. Glad to see I'm not the only one in a flux, I love old world one minute but also love clean modern spaces. Maybe that's why my home will never be fully finished.

  12. Just came over to say hi to the lovely Julie and here I meet my favorite Donna!

    Well, you just described your style, dear. You are an eclectic edgy classy girl! (The best mix!) No more thinking, no more analysis! That is your style--- and it is fabulous!

    A big hug to you both.

    ox, Mon

  13. So nice to see you here donna! Yes, I have the disease too. I have different rooms in my house with different moods but since it's all my style it somehow has the same feeling,er, at least I think so!

  14. at least we are not all alone in our dilemma. maybe we can do every room in a different style?
    great post!

  15. Welcome Donna,
    It looks like most of us suffer from the same problem. Whenever I think about painting a room, I go back and forth.. white??? or color??? And it's so easy to be inspired by soo many beautiful rooms out there. I think the most important thing, is to be true to ourselves.

  16. YOU could have been
    writing about ME...
    If you find a cure/
    answer, please let
    me know! At this stage
    of the game, I just
    go with what I love
    and hope it will all
    come together....
    And I now try to think
    with each purchase:
    Is this something I
    truly want to live with
    for a while???
    Thanks for summing it
    up so beautifully ~
    great images, all!
    xx Suzanne

  17. Hi Donna!
    Thanks for bringing over to a new blog!
    You don't need a doctor...
    It's exactly your musings on decor which make your blog so addicting!!
    Have a lovely day...

  18. so funny! I'm the same! I think I need multiple homes to accommodate all the looks that I love! :)

  19. Hi Julie,
    so nice to meet you...
    come by sometime and say Hi.
    Now is a good time as I'm having a giveaway!

  20. Wow that was like reading about me. So true! If that is an illness i need a doctor too :)

  21. I just found you through a web of clicks.. I don't even really remember how I got here... but I am a follower now and love your blog... :)

  22. We are all here with you, Donna! All of these rooms have a chicness about them that connects them...

  23. They call us Eclecticly brilliant! I think if you just stick to buying what you LOVE, like can't live without, then you'll be happy even if it doesn't necessarily "go together"

  24. Don't worry.. you aren't alone! Looks like there are lots of us after reading all the comments! LOL

  25. What a great post! All the images are so lovely!!!


  26. I have the same affliction!
    Great post!

  27. Oh yes! That is the exact reason people hire a decorator and then they just walk in the house one day and all of their problems are solved for them. Just kidding. One day I want a log house the next day a modern minimalist...and so on.

  28. I absolutely understand how you fell! I love grey and currently I am trying to decide whether I should add some colors to my home or if I should make more pillows in grey-beige.... decisions decisions... if only i had more than one bedroom and one living room to decorate... got to buy a house! Your blog is wonderful and you did a fantastic job her at milk! I found both of you today and I am sure to visit you both again in the future. You provide great inspiration!

  29. Completely! A perfect balance is so hard to find. =) Love all of these photos!

  30. :) Yes we are all infected by the same illness! And I hope they will never find a cure! :)

    Loving that dark den! YUM!
    (I rest my case, because as a Swedish being I should gravitate only towards white and light dwellings..)

    xx C

  31. Donna, I can feel your pain and if you find a cure you must share it with the world,lol!!I loved the name of your ailment that you wrote on your blog, too funny, it made me laugh,Kathysue

  32. This is highly contagious!! :)

  33. Um, yes. If you find the doc, please, please, please send him my way. --Gretchen O.

  34. yes - i have the same affliction. in my old house i had a dark, cozy bedroom - and when i moved i decided to go the complete opposite and have a light, airy one.

  35. Me too...I am consistently inconsistent with my style and taste...but that's half the fun, right? :)

  36. welcome to my world!!
    please advise when treatment is found!


  37. Glad I'm not a unique sufferer - guess blogland is like group support therapy!

  38. Oh yes, Donna! I will often look up and think, "what in the world?!". And, then I'll clean things out and track back to my basic color combos....and the world is right again!
    xo elizabeth

  39. Yes! I guess that is why people like Ralph Lauren have lots of homes. To satisfy that multiple personality.

  40. Multiple design personality disorder is what it's called...good taste and character are the outcome of it all and the cure is, as others have said, to buy what you truly love and then you will be happy...or - just buy one home after another and decorate to your hearts content to fulfill all of your design cravings!

    Fabulous post!!!

  41. Count me in too. Great images and I love all of them!