10 August 2010

More of Ryan Korban (from Lonny)

Again....Lonny was awesome.  I am mostly excited about the ad for John Derian for Target!!  But I also really loved seeing this designer's work:  Ryan Korban.  I dug up his portfolio and some pictures for myself...and y'all.  Here it goes...

what a cutie  (this image from The Selby )

I am loving the fur.

from his business, Edon Manor 

I love being able to dine in the library if you want to....aren't his spaces so lush and yummy?

Excuse me...he is simply just bad ass.  

(Can you read that...something like "college is an institution where a man gets his bachelor's degree and a woman gets.....something marriage.?)

And if you have read Lonny...you have seen the one above this text.  (via The Neotraditionalist )         Do you love how he mixes such a good feminine with the masculine?  (the rough headboard with the soft fur...the Bridget Bardot with the utilitarian chrome task lighting?)  I love.  Do you love?

He sites (on The Selby) as Kelly Wearstler as one of his influences.  Do you find his work polarizing like hers?

And one more thing...think Michelle Adams will be the new Margaret Russell? 

All the best!  Julie


  1. Love Ryan Korban. Great little post on him!
    (just found your blog, too!)

  2. Love those black built-in bookcases with the brass sconces. Timeless. I don't think his work is as polarizing as KW's more recent stuff. I find his stuff very palatable. I too like the masculine edge with lush finishes and fabrics. I haven't checked out the new Lonny yet - I need to get on it!

  3. I love Ryan Korban's work. He's a mix master. I think Deborah Needleman (of Domino)will replace Margaret Russell. Or at least I hope so.

  4. Thanks for being my first wall post! It made my day!

  5. Great Pics..thanks for posting! He is great and does such a great job at layring things in each space....love it.

  6. I was blown away by his spread in lonny. one of my favorites.

  7. oh, and I use photoshop for my inspiration boards:)

  8. SWOON! Wished I had Lonny in hand though!

  9. You are so right about his balance with masculine and feminine. I love! Those turquoise dome chairs are simply amazing!

  10. I had that same thought about Michelle Adams.

    Ryan Korban's space was one of my favorites.

  11. I believe that art piece says the old joke, "Marriage is an institution in which the man loses his bachelor's degree and the woman gets her master's."

    Ryan Korban helped decorate James Franco's place (and in particular, was said to have made his dining room look like a library) - does anyone know if the "James" in the image labels above is the same?