22 August 2010

Surprise--More White! A White California Cottage

Check out the home of Carolyn Espley-Miller and Dennis Miller.  Who would have thought he would tolerate such a girly-girly place.  I always knew he was a teddy bear underneath.

Are you surprised I am loving another white home?  I guess if you read this blog, you are fond of white, too.

From House Beautiful

Do you think that is two rugs as a headboard?

sequin detail?

I couldn't concentrate on a book in that tub if that view was in 
front of me!

love a sawhorse table

Isn't a fireplace in a kitchen on everyone's dream home list?

Check out the potrack over the island--see that frilly fabric?!  That is a first for me.

okay--even her car is feminine

everything is so tastefully done

Oh, and here is a THIRD fireplace in the master bedroom.

Have you ever??

sea anemone artwork.
You think the sea theme is enough...or overdone?

Possibly the best firepit EVER!

Here is Carolyn Espley Miller with her honey.

all the best.....Julie

UPDATE:  Check the comments below with some answers from the designer herself!!


  1. I love the black accents on the banisters in the otherwise all white entry. Tres chic! I also am swooning over the bath with the red-inlayed tiles. Great post!

  2. Love it and I love him! I think he was my first celebrity crush as a kid. I can just hear him making fun of her slipcovered car seats!

  3. What a gorgeous home.. and I love that fireplace and the view!


  4. h my gosh that house is an absolute dream ... im in love !!!!! i now need to paint everything white xx

  5. Wonderful seaside home. Seriously, that fire pit!!! Not sure I'd ever hang out anywhere else!!

  6. The shutters behind the bed sent me into a severe meltdown....I have not yet recovered :)

  7. Okay, the home is stunning, but the piece de resistance is that view of the water! ugh!

  8. I love this house. It's gorgeous, but so liveable.

  9. It didn't seem too girly until I got to the end. What a lovely home!

  10. I don't think I will ever tire of white.

  11. This house is gorgeous! I could spend hours in that tub, never get any work done at that desk, and end every night with a glass of wine by the fire pit...ahhhh.

  12. It's good to find your blog, with its white focus, and its lovely header that promises it won't be clinically white.

  13. Could have knocked me over with a feather when you said this was D. Miller's home. I adore sawhorse tables. Especially when they are facing views like that. I can do without the floral car seat "slipcover." Great Post!

  14. Hi Julie
    Thank you so much for your post about my beach house featured in House Beautiful :)

    To answer your questions;
    Those are not rugs behind the wicker headboard, but two vintage wooden shutters from a flea market in Paris. They extend over the ceiling just a little to create a canopy. In the kitchen photo,that is actually an old light fixture, not a pot rack, that I painted white and lined with vintage linen to give it a softer look as it was so big.

    Many thanks to your readers for their lovely comments too!

    P.S. He is a Teddy Bear, but prefers not to be seen driving my car :)