04 August 2010

Baby Shower Design

So it has been mating season for my friends, so I am throwing three baby showers this late summer/ fall, and the first one is this Sunday.

Of course, all three girlfriends are totally different...Jillian is a hippie and romantic, Stephanie is elegant and classic and Cori is funky and colorful.

Three different shower designs for three different girls.  

I see the "bebe" image above as inspiration for classic Stephanie's shower.  She is a decorator, too, and she has already been to Atlanta's mart and bought all-white furniture and decor for her bebe.  She loves tennis, champagne, and entertaining.  I'll have to pull out all the stops for her (gladly!)

Here is some food inspiration from Eddie Ross & Jaithan   All three will love a good BLT (maybe a BLAT) cut with a biscuit cutter for cuteness.  (I do have several white cake stands (y'all surprised?)...but none of this gorgeous vintage stuff like Eddie.)

I am thinking these flower power balloons for Jillian for the mailbox.  I sent the cutest invites from Shutterfly (It wrote "Shower the People You Love with Love") and it is filled with cute, hippie flowers.    She loves sangria (sorry, only us non-preggars can partake), organic vegetables and fresh strawberries.  Her food will be colorful and simple.

More flower power from Martha Stewart.

How good do these jam-filled cupcakes look?  These may be better than petit fours!

Back to Steph....I see some classic cucumber & butter sandwiches, pimento cheese and chicken salad.  I found a similar tiered stand from PB outlet this weekend I used for Wyatt's birthday (but it is galvanized metal)

She would go nuts over this elegant spread!

(previous three images via Simply Seleta )

For Cori...she loves pops of modern, unique foods and bold colors.  She would LOVE this mobile design from Martha.

You couldn't go wrong with some classic cake blocks.

And bright flowers from Urban Stems 

I've got some cleaning to do!

Do you have any favorite baby shower games, food, decor, etc. to share with me?

Happy Wednesday, Julie


  1. What wonderful ideas! Your friends are so lucky.

  2. Good luck with your parties! I'm sure they will all be tons of fun - each in their own way.

  3. love all the inspiration photos. can't wait to see pics of what you do! happy wednesday!

  4. No baby shower advice from me but Maybe some giant pom poms would be great hanging over the dining table. I love them from Martha Stewart. Can't wait to see pics, I love hosting parties!

  5. Hi Julie,
    Can't wait to see pictures.
    Chinese lanterns would also look great.

    Have fun!


  6. I'm loving the inspiration! Can't wait to see photos either!

    I'm throwing a shower for my sister-in-law in a couple months, and I need all of the ideas I can get! = )

  7. Great ideas, Julie! I actually used the Martha Stewart modern baby shower photo as inspiration for my best friend's shower. I actually made the mobile like the one in the picture - embroidery hoop w/the colorful circles. Check it out here: http://greenstreetblog.blogspot.com/2010/05/modern-baby-shower.html

    So fun!

  8. Sounds like such fun! We will be partying tomorrow for my twins. I am hoping to have a little fun photo area! Can't wait to see your photos! =)

  9. You've got some great ideas already! Can't wait to see pictures from these parties. This has been one of my favorite color palette's I've seen lately.


    And although it's a wedding shower, I think the ideas could easily translate to baby shower, especially those little baby spoons, so sweet. Have fun planning!