13 August 2010

House Tour: White & Warm

Architect:   D. Stanley Dixon 
Designer: Betty Burgess 
Homeowner: Atlanta Brave Derek Lowe 
Source:  Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

One of my favorite all-time kitchens....I think I am going to change the setup on my plate shelf now.  Do you not love these stools and island...and everything?

I am loving the color of this sofa...it appears to be velvet (or at least very soft)

Everything about this area is just perfect!  The chairs, cushions, chalkboard/memoboard, crisp, white walls and that huge clock.  I love the theme of circles throughout each room.

Now you see her...

Now you don't....

Check out that bold hallway...I don't know much about Betty, but I want to learn more.

Didn't make it to CB2 so no pics to share.  Have a happy Friday, Julie


  1. Dude, that sea urchine pendant is out of control!

  2. Hi Julie - just so you know I'm still thinking about your son's room. I know I already left a comment, but it's occupying space in my mind so I thought I'd tell you again how perfect it is. I'm really crazy about the green used on the bed, I've decided to paint a couple of my children's chairs in the same green just to make me happy. Sorry for rambling on about your brilliance! :) Just nice to see a boy's room not in red, white, and blue! :) And not looking like a page out of a pottery barn kids catologue.

  3. I love these rooms and just the fact that they all have something truly stunning in every space : )

  4. I want a huge blackboard so bad!

  5. I saw that in AH&L and it was off the chain...loved the kitchen!