10 August 2010

Some After-Party Glow Love

Here are a few of my beginner photos from the baby shower this Sunday.  These are really only after-the-fact photos.  I was too busy running around to think about pictures....

I also didn't setup or cook as planned (but isn't that how life goes?)  I got a migraine on Saturday...and luckily a dear friend stepped-in to cater for me!  What a blessing.  (I think I will be spoiled from hereafter.  Have you ever had someone cater in your home?  It is the best!  Think of how busy you are cleaning and (attempting) to get yourself ready.  

See what I mean about attempting?  I stuck my hair up in the morning and that is how it stayed.  Here is me with my sweet pregnant friend, Jillian.

And more girlfriends...

my mom

Does this even need a caption?

Centerpiece idea stolen from A Few of My Favorite Things 

yummy peach sangria

my girlfriend made caramel frosting from scratch (her grandma's recipe) for Baby D.

I love the glow of a party after a party

We all felt a little like Olii

Baby showers are special.  They are gifts, aren't they?


  1. Love that piece you have above your mantle - unusual and inspiring - lovely post about the baby shower - great photos and ideas
    enjoy your blog and thanks for commenting on mine - I'll follow you for sure

  2. precious shots, Julie. I know you all had a great time. and I KNOW what you mean about the flurry of trying to get it all done before-hand!

    Everything looked wonderful. I cannot believe that is your MOM! She looks your age! I should be so lucky!

    Love to you! Donna

  3. Hi Julie,

    You look BEAUTIFUL and it looked like a perfect party.
    As I have said it before... LOVE your stone fireplace place.

    Thanks for sharing these amazing, and happy pictures.


  4. These pictures are great! I cold devour those cupcakes. I haven't had the pleasure of a baby shower for friends or family yet but I hope to enjoy one soon!

  5. I love the supportive feel of a baby shower, the anticipation, the excitement...awww...amazing things ahead!

  6. What a fun party! I love a good laugh with friends!!

  7. Looks like so much fun! And hehe, that your friend blended into the wallpaper. =) Hope your doing great girl!