26 August 2010

I am the luckiest girl in the world...

To be married to this guy.

I am so busy I don't stop to think about it enough.

He loves our boys so much and he loves their mama.

He works all the time (he is shooting about four weeks in a row this month...so
we are both just beat.)

But he doesn't complain.  He comes home, scoops up the kids, and draws me a bath...
and usually hands me some chardonnay.

He listens to me gripe, helps me solve problems, and doesn't judge
me when I haven't shaved my legs in three weeks because the razor
fell under the tub and it always slips my mind to pick it up before I crawl
into the tub and I can't reach it when I'm in there.  They are bad, those legs...
and he doesn't complain (at least not to me).

To top it off, when he has a few days off he is sending me 
to the beach...alone!  for three nights!

I am truly blessed.  Just had to share.

And on behalf of Chris, here are some
of my favorite simple and beach-like images.

marie claire maison

Anisa Darnell

cabbages & roses via from the right bank 



Haven't you heard of dunno magazine? :)

elle decor

 and our home is a little beachy I think

All the best....Julie


  1. oh, that was awesome. I laughed out loud about the shaving-your-legs part. so me! thanks for a touching post, Julie....

    love, Donna

  2. Wonderful!! You crack me up about the unshaven legs - that is so me too (my poor husband)! Enjoy your time off!!

  3. What a guy!! And alone for 3 days? I can't even imagine!! Enjoy!!

  4. Sounds like you are married to a wonderful and caring man. I also think he is very lucky to be married to a caring, thoughtful and sweet girl like you.

    ... and I love that picture from Wisteria... so beautiful!


  5. Lovely! You mean 3 days of no one to clean-up after? ;-) Soaking up the sun with no one saying, "MOM! WATCH THIS!" I love when people are in love. Have a fabulous time.

  6. so cute. and funny. sweet husbands are the best. p.s. i liked your house the best of all those pics! xo

  7. Wonderful and sweet tribute. I am so happy for you both. ~Tina~

  8. What a sweet post! I feel the same about my husband. I must have been really good in a past life.

  9. You are very lucky! Enjoy your alone beach time. And shave those hairy legs. Just kidding!

  10. So sweet! Can't imagine this crazy life without a best friend to share it with!!

  11. Wow what a husband! I want to see pictures of your wedding! Oh and I love dunno magazine, most of my pictures are from there!

  12. Nice post to read. Most people are griping about their husbands. :)

  13. Awww...so sweet! I don't know what it is about bloggers (myself included) but we really seem to be gaga over those husbands of ours... :)

  14. You are a very lucky and sweet girl, and he is lucky to have you too!

  15. He sounds like a keeper! And, he's lucky to have a wife who appreciates his kindness. Enjoy your time away. The beach is so soothing for the soul!

  16. so happy for you julie! you deserve each other- you married a sweet guy and he married a sweet girl:) i hope that you have such a great and relaxing time away!!

  17. Woohoo! A little deserving trip for some much needed (I'm sure) peace and quiet. Nice! I imagine that you are both incredibly thoughtful people. Isn't it nice when went you can find each other like that.

  18. Awww, swee husbands are the best part of life. When I look back to my high school years I can't help thinking how much more fun they would have been if I had my sweet husband then too! Have fun!

  19. What a blessed woman you are!

  20. well, aren't you rather blessed. Hope you have the best time.

  21. That is such a nice story! He seems like such a considerate person - and helpful - I'm happy you have one another.