28 August 2010

Remember this one?

Oh, how I loved this artist's home in Austin from 
Cottage Living.  So unique and so much personality.

See those red and white things on the far right of
the picture?  She is where she saved the fortunes out
of cookies and used red thumbtacks.  Art can be anything, can't it?

I wish I had the rest of her home.

If any of you remember this artist's name, please let me know!

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Have a great weekend....it is finally less than 190 degrees here!



  1. that gal eats a lot of chinese!

    I agree. I have some crazy stuff in my house that I call art. my family gives me such grief about it. but that's what makes a home so unique, isn't it? I love to be in a home that someone has personalized like that!

  2. Some people do collect those fortunes, and some people collect matches, and some wine corks, etc., but alas I don't think I collect anything but memories. ~Tina~

  3. I think it's so wonderful to collect things .... unfortunately, I don't collect anything. Need to start thinking about starting a collection.


  4. You said the magic words for me... Austin! I love it there. =) Her dining space is so charming.

  5. Julie,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely compliment.
    I see we have lots of things in common...white, light, and airy, fresh.
    So I'm attaching myself to your follower gadget...I'll be checking in:)

    Your husband's a photographer? I'm a magazine interiors photo stylist:)

  6. Love that house! But then I am a big fan of red. Such a punch! Love your blog!

  7. Hope you had a fabulous (and cooler) weekend! We love the color of that painted floor!


  8. Is that floor painted or is an aqua cork? Either way it's dreamy!!

  9. her name is d'ette cole, i think. i especially love her backyard deck area!

  10. omg ... i miss cottage living so much. :(

    and yes! i remember this. love the post with all the fortunes ... and her studio. amazing.