05 August 2010

The All-White Home in Country Living

Did you get the recent copy of Country Living Magazine?  It is one of my favorites.  Check out this all-white home in Michigan.  I love it!
(I will get my scanner working someday...)

I love this all-white kitchen with a white tree in the island (!), a black range, and just a few backsplash tiles.  So simple and tasteful.

What a laundry sink.

Check out the mirrored door on the right, and the one picture to the right of the ornate mirror.  Do you think the CL team placed that art, or the homeowner?  Risky placement, but it pays off.

White barcart, fun bird art above it, and the white-painted fireplace.  Lovely!

You had me at "white Tolix".

You can't see it really, but the lamp on the table is white with gold leaf accents.  

CL rarely disappoints in my eyes!

(if you read my other post earlier of Liam's room...I will repost later with better pictures)



  1. I just read that yesterday and loved it too! Really nice touches in that house!

  2. Now I've got to go buy ANOTHER magazine!! From the looks of your pictures I do believe it will be right up (or is it down) my alley!! I'm in the process of redoing my entire downstairs. Going from all dark colors to light/white. YIKES!!! WHAT A CHANGE!!! Can't wait until I can get everything pulled together!! I think I need YOU to come visit and help me out!!! LOVE all your stuff!!!

  3. They had me at white tolix chairs too!

  4. Sold. I'm picking up a copy today! Can't wait to see it. Thanks for heads-up. Hope to see you tomorrow!!!! xo

  5. Saw it and love all the details. Very pretty!
    Can't wait to see new pictures from Liam's room


  6. Is it bad the white scares me to death? I love white kitchens and white couches, but I just think...that will never look like it does in the pictures...

  7. think I need to pick this issue up. I dream of having Tolix chairs. love them.

  8. i loved this makeover. i've been thinking about doing a mirrored door as our closet door in the bedroom.....one, to actually use the mirror for getting ready, etc. and I think maybe it make my space look bigger? plus, it looks cool.