05 August 2010

Just Sharing Some Things I Love...

Get ready for lots of eye candy.  That is what I am feeling today. 

 I am also going to the mart with my client today so I can't wait to show you what we buy!  (We are hitting Arteriors Home hard...she is in love with all of it!)

Some tartan plaid.  So ready for fall.  My mom always said, "Don't wish your life away...enjoy the day we are given."  True, but I can't help it in a summer in Atlanta full of 100 degree days.

Girlfriends.  That is me on the far right...kidding, but aren't they cute?  I can't wait for the baby shower on Sunday...selfishly for the laughter, girl talk, and catching up over peach bellinis.
(source...unknown...but somewhere of the land of tall, thin, blondes...perhaps a Norwegian catalog?)

This awesome, inspiring book.  You know...I list all these books on the blog for me, really.  They are reminder of ones I need to get to or ones I need to buy (I load them once I hear they are coming out).  Sure, Amazon gives me like a dollar credit to use to buy more books, so that is good...but guess who clicks on my page to buy them---me!  That is pretty smart, huh?  Being a former English teacher, I am still such an avid reader...can't help it....so books are eye candy for me.  I would rather have books and go naked.  Really.

But this book just kicks ass.  I love them--they are SO just doing what they love and don't care really about the outcome.  They love each other, their kids, and are passionate, talented people.  I have been reading this book to Chris telling him we can do that!!  (Okay, not the kids.  I really question on a daily basis how God thinks I can handle two boys.)

This wedding dress.  Have you ever?  You do have to have her butt, though.  Only that butt for horizontal stripes.

I can't get enough of galleries and art.  You can't have too much good art, in my opinion.  I love it from floor to ceiling.  (via Elle Decor.  Can you believe I have a source.  I am horrible.)

I am loving kitchens that are somewhat makeshift and not so "kitcheny".  I love free-standing furniture in kitchens, skirts like the one above, open shelves and countertops that don't match.  I know my kitchen isn't this way at all...but I love funky, undesigned, and romantic kitchens.

An old pic of fashioning interiors by delight by design 

I love her blog.  It is ok that she doesn't write me back and has a million followers.  Blogging is not high school and I am learning that love doesn't have to go both ways on blogland.  Blogging is about expression and inspiration and creativity.  I remind myself that I do this because I am obsessed with design and knew there had to be others out there (and there are! :)  Anyway, I just love her blog and this made me think about blogging in general.

I'm loving our home.  Can I say that?  I guess I just did.  I am so grateful to, at 37, finally live somewhere where it feels like the outside expression of me is matching in the insides.  I am so full of gratitude.  It is so nice.  I know they are material, I think all of us "get" that and truly know what matters.  But it is still nice...and it is so nice to love where you lay your head.

And from my old files....I am loving this image.  As much as I love a million other styles, and I even feel confident I can decorate for others in very different ways than my own, this image is so me.  I really am messy, love art and books around me, and a lot of white and vintage fabrics.  I wonder if I can look back on this image in ten years and say the same?

Thanks for reading if you are still here at this point.  And blogging is kinda fun.  Sure, there are negatives to anything good in life....but the positives far outweigh it.



  1. Truly nice post! Really enjoyed reading it.


  2. I love your home too...did you really almost build the Looney Home? I would love to hear more about your experience? Did you tweak the plans or just order them standard? Did you have a good experience before you decided to buy the ranch? You can email me at ahouseandhome@gmail.com.

  3. lovely post, Julie. I really enjoyed it.

    (I used to have a butt like that....and I took it for granted....)

  4. i agree that it is so nice to be able to lay your head where you love. awesome!

  5. i dont see your post of your little boys room. it was showing as a new post in my reader, but when i clicked on it. i couldnt see it? maybe it's just me? i'd love to see it!

  6. i liked this post and enjoyed seeing your favorite things. i love your home too!

  7. Beautiful images. It's good that you love your home! You've done a beautiful job. Maybe one day I'll get there :) I also understand about blogging not being high school - I get so much inspiration from other bloggers and I'm so thankful that they're willing to share some of their talent. I realize they can't be friends with everyone. Your post also reminds me that I need more art.

  8. Thanks for the eye candy to start my friday! Enjoy Arteriors, they are in the same showroom where my company is (Aidan Gray). Jdouglas is a great showroom. Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. and there are the tolix chairs again, I want.

  10. Great post! Love those tartan plaid plates too!

    Eddie & Jaithan

  11. my best friend just bought that wedding dress! I cant wait to see her in it, it's gorgeous!

  12. How wonderful to love your home (how could you not love your home, really!!) I'm not quite there yet. When my husband and I got married 2 years ago I moved into his house. We both had a house full of things. Needless to say we are still weeding things down today. Thankfully no more bachelor sofa! Hope you had a great time shopping. I LOVE Arteriors.

  13. That was such a lovely post. I really enjoyed it! And the sentiment that you feel for your home...well, that was the best part.

  14. I love your posts! And am so glad you are loving your home! What a great feeling it must be to wake up and see all the pretties you worked so hard to make your own. I love floor to ceiling galleries lately! It just doesn't seem quite right to me if it's not filling the wall.

  15. Love this post. Right there with ya on all thoughts shared. I don't always have time to comment, but wanted to say keep em coming! And ditto about the peach bellinis and girlfriends. : )

  16. Well, how much fun are you! Great taste, creative, witty, articulate and a Mom. I will be paying attention to you!

    Summer hugs,