07 July 2010

A Midnight Idea!

When does your muse visit?  Well mine is not too polite.  She doesn't call, doesn't write...just comes on in in the middle of the night.

If I wasn't blind as a bat I would write them down...but I don't.  I trust my memory (luckily still pretty good) because:

1.  I am usually too lazy to attempt to write it anyway
2.  I don't want to wake up Chris
3.  I am blind as a bat...who knows what I would write with my contacts off.  Yes, I do have glasses....

But this is what came to me last night--a new design for our "daybed" room as the boys call it...and I love it!

I do love a lot about the room...it is south-facing, light, pretty and a good size.

This daybed (from Ballards) does fit well here against the window.  But it just isn't working.  


Well, we just don't use the room.

Didn't Bunny Williams say, "If you want to use a room, put a TV or computer in it."

I hate to admit it...but this is probably why.  

Here is another angle.

I wish I could say we don't watch TV.  But I would be lying.  We don't watch it a lot, really, but we do spend time in the den where the noise is on.  I have had periods of my life before where I didn't watch TV, and that was a good thing, but right now (with us home a lot), we do watch a good bit of Diego and Oprah.  We don't have one in the bedroom, though.  (that's another post)

Here is a before shot prior to our renovation last fall.  They used it as a dining room (its planned purpose)  I didn't think we would use it as a dining room, but right now as it is we aren't using it much either.

I thought it would be my office (still the plan, kind of)...but it really is just a pretty dumping ground.  Here is the evidence:

Didn't hang the art yet (not inspired)...and I haven't covered the backs of the shelves yet (from this post), because there just was something I just wasn't feeling about the room in its current state.

More dumping citations:

This is gonna be a long post.

So now I'll take you through the plan from the first picture--it will work!

You can see the entry here below, with a large opening (about four feet).  To the left is the window and the back right is the entry to to the hallway that leads to the kitchen & laundry.

Can you see the numbers on my sketch?

ONE  Flip the daybed so you can see the window if you are laying/sitting there

This is the exact setup of the room...entry adjacent, and I would move the daybed to this side of the wall.  (I may need to add some panels like this room....hmmm....)

TWO  Add a small flatscreen on the wall (like where the artwork is on this wall), and I can move a small bookshelf from Liam's room that will be perfect for design books under the TV.

THREE  Bring this small white desk to this side of the room, and put my printer/scanner on top so I can use the scanner!!

FOUR  I was thinking and thinking last night where I could put the chairs...I hate backs of chairs or sofas to face entryways.  Then I thought poufs/stools would be perfect!  No backs!

I love these in "spa" from U. Outfitters

or these at a different price tag from South of Market 
picture via Delight by Design 

wouldn't these be great with storage underneath for my piles?

FIVE  Keep my current & favorite driftwood table from Anthro

It was their display...I love this.

SIX  Get a lucite Parsons-style desk here, against the front window, so it won't take up any visual real estate.

like this from CB2

(picture from Domino via Elements of Style 

SEVEN  Computer goes there

Some great artwork right on the panes of the window over desk!!

I was thinking maybe this frame from our guest bedroom

  And hang it like this

from Tracery Interiors

or this

from Suzanne Kasler's room in AH & L Christmas House 2009

and when I close the drapes it will look like this

NINE  The sconces remain

but I think this mirror needs to go to my client's living room (would be PERFECT there!)

and instead we put this...floor to ceiling

TEN  ....tons of art!!

perhaps all white like this

What do you think?  And when do your ideas come?

photos not credited are unknown


  1. You're so funny! But seriously this sounds like a great plan. My ideas come to me at random, sometimes in the shower or when I'm walking the dog and poof I get an idea!

  2. your posts are so much fun! I think the desk idea and placement will be AWESOME with the art hanging over the window. loved that inspiration image from Tracery.

    OK, now go push all that furniture around and post us some 'after' shots!

  3. I do the very same thing, except my memory stinks. So I have to get up and write it down right then. They I lay awake half the night thinking of the details. I love all of your ideas!

  4. yup, thats when the creativity starts flowing...
    love the new plan julie, i think everything you described will fit perfectly.

  5. I just discovered your blog! I have the same problem with my muse waking me up in the middle of the night. It looks like you have quite a plan and I can't wait to see how it turns out. Come see me sometime!

  6. Ha! I dream solutions to design problems then run downstairs to my office as fast as I can in the morning to see if it will actually work before I forget! Usually it works too! Can't wait to see the space once you put your new plan into action.

  7. Great Post! Love your midnight idea!! It sounds like you struck gold!! I can't wait to see how it all evolves!! BTW, I love that photo from Tracery Interios!! And, I wish I was your client getting that mirror! Love it!

  8. you. inspire. me. YOU ARE AMAZING! i love it!!! i am obsessed with your blog that i have been pouring over since i found on monday!!!!!