22 July 2010

Eavesdrop on a Conversation: Part I

One thing I love about blogging is that there are really no rules.  That is kinda fun!  So, I thought if I was spending some time researching for a client....why not share it with her and you at the same time?  So, here it goes....

So I am so glad that we are both so excited!  I think that is a good sign, design wise, that we are speaking over one another.  I love that we both have so many ideas...and many times they are colliding into one beautiful thought!

Here are some images that will help describe what I was talking about, and to clarify some of the things you wanted.  Let me know what you think of these....and what you & Jer think of the mirror and tray.  Don't keep anything you don't love!!

To start with the dining room:

We could use panels and sconces!!  It would be romantic and dramatic.  Here is an example.  I could find simple & skinny fixtures.


love these rustic skinny sconces from Urban Electric

and we can think about a shelf on your window wall!  (Chris can build & install this)  You can put any kind of collection here....white vases, vintage cameras, globes...just another idea
unknown source

I didn't really notice these chairs from Kasler's line with Ballard before, but they are kind of what you are looking for.  We could reupholster the back and monogram them!  Just an option...I agree with you that an antique would be more fitting.

See the contrasting fabric on the back?  How fun to have a grain sack back with a big M with a crown?  LOVE.  

More contrasting backs, via Nest Egg 

Lee Kleinhelter's old home, via Cottage Living
(Jen, she's the owner of Pieces...look at how white they are, but dark where stains would be likely.  She is so smart!)

and speaking of Pieces how cool is this white leather.  You could wipe clean!

unknown source...but how awesome!  We have a million combinations we can choose from.  Sorry, don't want to scare you with too many choices!

From South of Market...we could have Shirley make slipcovers like these for existing chairs.  Just something to ponder.

You said you were loving shabby....you love this, or too shabby?

And sorry to venture into the den for a sec, but wouldn't it be pretty to also have Shirley make a simple slipcover for a side table in there?  This is from Mod Girl

Back to DR:

Want to show you more light fixtures for above the DR table.  Did you buy that capiz pendant for the breakfast nook (I think you should...so pretty and you won't beat that price)?  Once you pull the trigger in one room, it will help you to make decisions for the other rooms.  Here are some amazing fixtures from South of Market.  One lunch hour go buy there...in Peachtree Hills.  Very french & rustic, I think.  (And Chris can make you one!)

More from South of Market I still love a simple cone shape..and two of them!

I still can't get over the idea of some big ass simple white cones.

Or even an inexpensive paper lantern (via House and Home)

And for some lighting on the buffet and console:

I was talking in the message about two huge white lamps for the mirrored buffet, like these from AH & L (I think this is the Bungalow Classic room).  I can find really similar ones at my HomeGoods.

Remember how I said we can off center your wedding pic and put mirrors to the right?  We also could put some of your wedding china!  from Style at Home

or two floor lamps!  (on either wall) 

 from Nuevo Estillo, via Delight by Design 

So I have a lot more to say...so I'll continue later.

Here is a picture of the current DR I speak of.  Nice already...but will be cream tomorrow!  And look at their new mirrored buffet from Z Gallerie.  So lovely!

And here is the mirror in their den (too tired to link back...but from a previous post from my daybed room redo)

Thanks for reading, you kind & stylie readers!



  1. Awesome post Julie!! Love your thought/design process and ideas! Keep it coming!

  2. ok, that was so fun. do it again, do it again!

  3. Oh, I love this! You have such great ideas - I love how you really listened to your client and came up with some fabulous ideas but also gave choices.
    Hope you do this again!

    Sarah :)

  4. oh, make sure to share after pics!

  5. OMG! I love that painting of the horse's face above the fireplace in that one pic.

  6. OMG..that is some post. You have some eye for design. Lucky people getting you. Looking forward to seeing the new design. That cream leather chair is aaagh ..sorry just swooning ... gorgeous!!!

  7. This is great, I can't wait to see it all come together. I hope she likes it and doesn't feel too overwhelmed, I know I would!

  8. Love this! so fun. all the ideas are quite fabulous. cant wait to see.

    (so fun our two share the same birthday!)

  9. I'm laughing because I thought I was the only one that got all excited and all over the place when I talk design ideas with a client. Love seeing your thought process! We're similar creatures!

  10. You find the best images! Love them all, and seeing it through your eyes!