16 July 2010

And the winner is...

The lovely Paula from Two Ellie.  I had a cute idea planned to have Liam draw a number out of a hat and I was going to post the video....maybe next time.  I am hurting a little from my evening with Suzanne Kasler and Jonathan Adler!!  (I know...don't you feel sorry for me?)  So I just asked Chris to pick a random number, and there you go!

I can't wait to post about seeing Mr. Adler at Lee Kleinfelter's shop, Pieces, and Suzanne Kasler's new line for Ballard Designs.  I'll gather all my pictures & post it later.

Happy Friday!


  1. congrats to Paula; she is a swell gal with a great blog. but I gotta say, I'm jealous in a big sorta way over you seeing JA. J'adore me somma him. We want lots of details!!!

  2. Congrats Paula!
    <3 Happy Week-END

  3. Happy Friday! Can't wait to hear all the details on your meet up!

  4. yeah! thank you Chris. I love being a random number:)