26 July 2010

Los Angeles' Dry Bar

I almost entitled this "Don't you love a good blow out?"....but I didn't for obvious reasons.

But really, when people ever ask me what I would do if I won the lottery...I always answer "Have someone do my hair everyday!"

I would pass on the butler, driver, even the personal chef.  I love how my hair looks after I have been in Monica's, my sylist's, chair.  I have round brushes and a good flat iron, but I still don't know how to use them properly.  Therefore, my hair lives in chignons, braids, and ponytails.

If you had a big night (or day) planned and just needed a good blow out, wouldn't you love a fun & stylish place like this?

I told her this idea....and she sounds really into opening one in Atlanta.

I would be so thrilled!

Fresh water and flowers.

The mirrors here are amazing...and the light fixtures with the pops of yellow.

Isn't it cute?  It is really set up like a bar!

I love the idea of a girls' night here.
I told Monica she should offer food & wine, too.

Would you go if there is one in your town?  If you live near L.A., have you been here?

Images from Set Design Thinking 

(On a total side note:  I was going to grill burgers and hotdogs for Wyatt's birthday party this Saturday.  Now I am thinking it would be torture to put Chris on the grill in 98 degree weather.  What is something else good I can serve that kiddos & parents will like?  Or can you direct me to a good food/ party site?  Thanks)



  1. The gal who does my hair has unbelievable scalp massaging skills when she washes, so I am in heaven. Yeah! I'm going Wednesday!

  2. You reminded me I need to call and make an appointment. This place looks awesome, and it would be perfect for a girl's night (or afternoon!).

  3. That looks like it would be fun! I love the decor!

  4. I would totally go here to pamper myself for my birthday or something! For food, I would make some great dips like hummus and homemade guac. Some pizza with mozzarella and tomatoes would be a perfect main course.

  5. Soo cute!! That is a fabulous idea!

    eddie & Jaithan

  6. Julie, this is a fabulous place! I love the bar set up! Also, the big screen tv is a great idea, guys get stuff like that, why not us also? I love the beverage dispenser area, it's beautiful with the fresh flowers. If I owned a salon I would set one up like this without question. Also, the food idea you have is a good idea because sometimes you are there like three hours if you have like highlights etc and such.
    I love the pops of yellow. It's ingenious because it's such a happy color and would help to lift the vibe. Also, I love the yellow blowdryer light fixture! Too cute.

  7. That salon is pretty amazing!

    As for food, what about little sandwiches (maybe cut in cute little shapes) for the kids and then a create your own sub bar for the adults.

    I tend to think of cold food when it's super hot outside.

  8. I love it! A few friends went the other day and RAVED about it, but I couldn't make it. Boo!!

  9. I would definitely go for assorted sandwiches for all-usually a safe bet!

    I would LOVE to go to this salon, what a great and quirky idea.