25 July 2010

Eavesdrop on a Conversation: Part II

I am posting this for a client...feel free to read along, too!

Okay....so we have the DR painted the beautiful Navajo White by B. Moore

it is getting there!  

Let me show you one more picture of cream drapes before I move onto the den:

I just love how they blend with the walls so the furniture can steal the show...

Oh, and one more thing about the DR...we could use that Sanctuary paint (Ben Moore...a light violet) for the ceiling.  Can you imagine the glow?

via Coco & Kelley

I lied.  A few more pics about the DR.  Here is that light you love (from BH& G)  Two of these would be pretty...and a great price point.

And look at these star pendants that are antiqued mirror instead of glass!  They are $200 each....we could line three above the dining table.  So romantic.

And speaking of lighting, here is the capiz light you found on Ebay.  I love this image (again, from BH&G)

Have you & Jer talked more about lighting for the den?  It is not my first choice, but you could move your current DR fixture into the den:  (or keep it where it is...I know it is growing on y'all to keep it!)

See the formal chandelier above?  (from Bolig magazine)

Or we could Craigslist or consign that fixture (like we talked about), and go with something more rustic like below (from the Christmas House 2009 AH & L)  

Don't you love?  We could find a similar one that is electric.  Can't see candles being practical for your current lifestyle.

Or, what about a lantern?

Everyone's favorite:  Jill Brinson's Atlanta Home via House Beautiful

I do believe we need something quite large, since your room is two stories

some images of the current room

fireplace opposite the sofa and open to the DR

Armoire is staying currently.  The kids love their Wii...and daddy, too!

If you ever do go to a flatscreen in this room, here is one way to beautifully conceal it above the fireplace.  You could use a mirror instead of a painting.  Quite inventive (from Southern Living Magazine)   I still am not a huge fan of TV on the fireplace...but really, is there ever a good place for a TV?

Depending on what you get for over the DR table (and how many fixtures), we could consider two lanterns for den (via Traditional Home)

via My Home Ideas

I am a big fan of this....but I know most people do not share my opinion.  I love a light low, over the coffee table, like above (image unknown...maybe Skona Hem).  You will not hit it with your head (unless you walk on the table!), and it creates intimacy and coziness in a room with tall ceilings or two stories.  Just something to consider.  I love our low fixture over our coffee table.  The contractors & Chris thought I was nuts....but now they love it!

And I still love a luctie coffee table for this room (Katie Stassi's room...I think Cottage Living)

For more to ponder...another formal chandelier in the den

And a wine barrel one (I know you love these!)

A huge, low lantern (from none other than Kay Douglass, owner of South of Market...which I post about it seems everyday)

two coffee tables are an option (via Pottery Barn)

And I love a starburst mirror over the fireplace.  This looks a lot like the one from Kasler's new line at Ballard Designs (but hers is whitewashed)
via delight by design

And lastly, for the den, what do you think of hanging several antique maps from a picture rail?  That wall is so long and so big...this could be fun (via Martha Stewart)

We could use all white or cream frames to brighten that side of the room

Thanks for coming along for the ride!



  1. Julie, you gotta keep this up! I love this idea (talking to your client and us at the same time). There are a lot of photos here that I haven't seen before - so refreshing. I also like your ideas - low fixture over the coffee table, 2 lanterns vs 1 lantern, etc. Hearing your ideas is so cool!! You got one lucky client!! Happy weekend!

  2. Thanks for including us on the ride. Fab photos and ideas..love the lanterns.Sinead

  3. Love the idea of a pop of color on the ceiling!!

  4. You have some great ideas! The ceiling color idea is awesome. I need you to help me with my lighting in my DR you are so smart!