06 July 2010

Can We Just Celebrate Gwyneth for a Minute?

Maybe it's because we're the same age...

or that she is a mom...

or that I really don't think she cares what people thinks...

(remember this McQueen number?  Bless his soul.)

Or that (to my knowledge)..she does most of her styling and design work herself:

(Remember this from House & Garden magazine in 2007?  She probably started the chandelier in the kitchen trend and brought back wallpaper.  Seriously, I do think she is that big of a trendsetter.  But, in my eyes she can do no wrong.  She is my generation's Olivia Palermo.  (I have never even seen The Hills...isn't that what she is on?  She has good hair, though.  I do know that.)

I hope that she will share pictures of the home in London that she is renovating.

She is definitely my favorite style icon...she is someone I would love to have dinner with.  Want to come over, Gwyneth?

(House & Garden Magazine images via Habitually Chic ...others unknown)

Happy Tuesday...Julie


  1. love the tennis shoes touch and that last photo of her is stunning, isn't it? yep. she's pretty awesome....

  2. She sure does have a great sense of style! : )

  3. She is great. She has a timeless sense of style and I love her home!

  4. Julie..Those photo are amazing. I love the fact that you can see in most of the interior shots that kids live there. Love G's hair in the last photo too...house envy, style envy and now hair envy (all in a good way of course..LOL!) Sinead x

  5. I just recently found your blog and I'm browsing through your old posts. I completely agree about Gwyneth, I've loved here since she did Emma years ago. Now, the boyfriend of one of my good friends from college is really good friends with Gwyneth here in New York. They have dinner with her every so often and I am always so star struck when I hear about it!