16 July 2010

Kasler & Adler...What a Fun Night!!

How cute is Suzanne Kasler?  Her eyes sparkle like that amazing belt of hers.  Truly lovely in person. 

 I had so much fun last night!  I first stopped by Ballard Designs to have my book signed by this rockstar of a designer:

Her new line for Ballards didn't disappoint either.  They rearranged the Backroom to recreate the rooms that Kasler did earlier this year for one of their catalogs.  Such a transformation of the space!!  I wasn't allowed to take pictures of the night or the items, but the PR person for Ballards promised to share them with me on Monday.

I can tell you that it is true Kasler:  muted tones, tons of starburst mirrors, natural linens, architectural artifacts, and classic white dinnerware (not handmade, but had the handmade look)

The colors of her line are what you would expect; a color called "mineral", "flax"...and I forget the others.  There is a spa blue color and even a pink!  I do not remember seeing any soft pinks at Ballards.

Here is the lovely gift bag we received:

(really sturdy!  I can use this sucker)

It was filled with some goodies...and here is the lookbook of her line due to be available in August.  (And for you locals, the Ballards at DeFoors will carry NEW stuff now!  Not the one on Holcombe Bridge....just the one in-town.  This is exciting news, I think.)

lovely starburst mirrors (remember the ones from her office?  Quite similar)

The galvanized bucket on the left was hanging on the wall in the showroom...and these objects on the right are quite heavy and have a pretty whitewashed paint

White antlers!  So fun

That bulletin board on the right uses a sisal rug insert instead of cork--love!!  And the dinnerware is clean, heavy, and does appear to be handmade (though it isn't)

I believe the scissors have leather handles.  They look great up-close.

My favorite piece of the night:  this starburst!  Huge and whitewashed...rustic and modern!!

This true Kasler design will be in October's House Beautiful.

My old friend from middle school, Jennifer, met me at my next excursion

me on the way...
It was fun to put on lipstick and get out of the house.  Thanks to my cousin, Allie, for babysitting and lending me your cool scarf off your back!  She just finished her internship with Saks.  I can't wait to post about her one day.  She is living the life of those girls on "The City" for real!

Us acting like we are 20 outside of Pieces ...we so are not!

more posing...sorry, Jen, had to post it!

us on the photo couch

When you enter Pieces, our job was to pick out a gorgeous piece of Adler pottery.

Then we had the meet, greet and pottery signing.  He is too cute!  His belt says "Save the Whales"

I chose a cute owl

more fun in the photo booth.  My hair could only stay down for a second...it is 98 in the shade in Atlanta!

some gorgeous eye candy from the store

One of my favortie moments of the night, meeting Lee, the beyond creative and visionary owner.

Her sweet doggie who is always at the store.  Look at him on that rug!

All the animals were partying

Lee and Mr. Adler together

oops...perhaps a little annoyed I was shooting.  Sorry, Mr. Adler.  I called him "Mr. Adler" and he laughed.  I said, "You are in Georgia, after all!"

I also asked him if he was tired.  The line to meet him never let up.  He said, "No way!  How great is it to be celebrated."  What a great answer!  He seems so grateful for his success.

The hip ice cream vendor outside the store.

The flotaki bean bag

More photo ops.  You can see them on Flickr if you are a friend of Pieces on FB.

Look at that greenery on the bar!

And thanks to this cutie and only two Moscow something-or-other drinks...this is me now.

me hurting this morning in last night's mascara.  But all worth it.

Have a great weekend!  Julie


  1. Sounds like you had such a great evening. Love that little owl you chose and thanks for the preview on some of the Kasler items.

  2. ha! so glad to see someone else who wears mascara from the night before!You and Jennifer look so cute...

    looks like sooo much fun. as I said, I love that guy.

    now what are you gonna do this weekend to top that?

  3. Looks like you had a fabulous time!! So jealous!! TGIF!

  4. How fun is this! If it wasnt for this darn surgery I was hoping to make it out to Atlanta for this. I think my favorite part would have been meeting all the bloggers:) love adlers scowl, for some reason it makes me laugh.

  5. Julie! Two fabulous events in one night....what a treat to meet Suzanne and Jonathan.

    I heard it was a great event , your photos are terrif. Kudos to Lee!!

    Art by Karena

  6. King of pops! Hope you had some... so, so good.

  7. Julie! How fun! Every mom deserves a night out and it looks like you lived it up in style! Jonathan and Lee are adorable.

  8. That looks like so much fun! Love your hair in that last picture. :)

  9. Love all the photos...looks like so much fun! Makes me wish I lived a little closer to Atlanta!

  10. I am super jealous! I'm sorry I've been light on the comments - been super busy - but I am so glad you got to meet these two design icons. Lucky girl! And you look adorable (even the morning after)!

  11. What a fun time and so much eye candy! =)

  12. Julie, awesome! It looks like you had so much fun. If only I lived in Atlanta....love your pics!!

  13. what a fun night!!! i can't wait to see all of kasler's line. her book is on my wishlist.

  14. What a night!! I so wish I was there with you!! You looked great!! And I have that same owl!! Isn't he the full of personality?

  15. I just got back from ATL and it was so hot! If I weren't working I would've made it to this event. Looks like you had such a good time!

  16. Wow..you lucky girls! Love your mascara quote! Im your mascara sister across the water so! Great post and amazing photos..the pink chair - swoon!!