21 July 2010

As Promised...More of Suzanne Kasler & Ballard Designs

I have been using my Suzanne Kasler / Ballard Designs tote bag as my new purse!  Is that a design freak or what?

I really did love the event last week.  I love her work, her obvious passion for design and bringing out the best in her clients, and her new line with Ballard.

I was not able to snap some candids there, so the kind Mr. Broome who works for Ballard Designs sent me some photos.  Of course, I will share with you!

The sweet and talented Mrs. Kasler signing her book.

You can see from the picture inset that they have recreated the rooms Kasler designed from the catalog.

See the muted tones, classic lines, and the peek of the dinnerware line along the back wall.

This room was my personal favorite.  On the back left you can see her sisal board (instead of cork board), the magazine (or map!) rack, and the huge galvanized bin...perfect for kindling wood, reading material, flowers...you name it.  I am particularly fond of the colors here.  This spa color reminds me of Restoration Hardware's Silver Sage (which is in my laundry room), so I am a fan.  The lamp on the side table is this color, and it is so modern and soothing.  Lastly, here, don't miss her signature starburst mirrors on the right wall!

I need a close-up of this fabric, but it is so fresh and fun!  I must admit that it is imperial trellis-ish, but still Kasler's own take on modern, clean, and energizing.  Kelly green does seem to inject energy in a room!  This slipper chair is really something new for Ballard, I think.

You can see some more images of the colors Kasler chose (on the mood board on the easel).  And these artifacts are amazing, and if you have her book, Inspired Interiors, you will see similar items there.  These artifacts are so appropriate for a line of Kasler's, seeing how her education is in architecture.

Again, this beautiful white dinnerware is not shaped perfectly.  The lines and feel really give these pieces a handmade look.  Another favorite of the night....that starburst mirror on the back left!  That may have to make its way into my home one day.

It was fun to meet one of my rock stars in-person!

All the best,



  1. I like imperfect things like those dishes. I just bought a plain white hand-made ceramic vase that in that style...
    p.s. I love LOVE your kitchen photograph!

  2. Yay! Thanks for the preview!! I can't wait for her designs to hit the net. I am loving those slipper chairs too!!

  3. I love that sunburst mirror! Everything is gorgeous!

  4. I could take each of those sunburst mirrors home with me. Can't wait to see it all online!