04 July 2010

Zooey Deschanel: Movie Set Decor, Music & Style

Do you love Zooey?  I think it would be hard not too.  She is such a talented cutie.

And for decor lovers, her home didn't disappoint in Domino.

And not that she had any part in it...but I personally loved the decor in 500 Days of Summer and Failure to Launch:

I love those simple blue lights paired with the wallpaper--just girlie and fun.

images from here and here 

Such an architect!  He has that great headboard.

By the way, you know you can now paint your own chalkboard headboard (in 24 colors!)

I loved their apartment more than the movie!  I want to wallpaper the panels in our bedroom door like this (but with a creamy paper)  from here 

I had no idea what a following she had until I googled her--people really love her!!

I am excited because Chris and I have a date night to see her this Friday at Atlanta's Botanical Gardens!  Can't wait....we're even getting a hotel.  Boy, do we need it.  Two toddlers really kick your butt, don't they?  We are worn out.  I am at home today instead of at festivals and parades because we are all sick...and tired.  Yet I digress, again...

Here is the venue:

(also where we got married!  a special place for us)

And here is her band (If you haven't heard them yet...run, don't walk!  They are beyond good.  We are so thrilled to see them)

They are She & Him  ("Him" is M. Ward)

And if this post wasn't long enough...here are a few images of her fabulous personal style.  Love her bangs!!  (and her voice!!  Remember her singing in Elf!?)

all images to come from here 

Maybe I'll see if I can interview her & get recent photos of her (now married!) home for this blog.  Why not?



  1. Julie! I just got back from vacation and then I see on my sidebar your blog and there is Zooey! I said of course, Julie would also love Zooey. My daughter Julia and I love her. Did you see her article last year in Shape, a good one also not as good as Domino. I love her quirkyness and her house is like how I thought it would be, just like her, charming, quirky, lovely cute, stylish, knowing art and capturing her spirit.
    I also love the colored chalkboard paints, they can almost be tinted to so many colors now that the imagination is the only limit.

    Yes, toddlers can wear you down so go get recharged. Take it from me, after raising four, mothers need to put themselves first instead of last or we don't have anything to give. When we do our children benefit from it because then they get all of us, a whole person.:)
    I know I like things that a regular 51 normally doesn't but someone forgot to tell my brain I'm 51.:)
    Hope you have a great time.

    Off to catch up on your posts. Also, I wanted to tell you when my daughter Chloe was doing her daughter's Jovie's room she had hand drawn stuff on the walls and then did paint and a chalkboard bottom like wainscotting and the colors were pink, chocolate and green and then very Swedish furniture and it turned out stunning. When she was in interior designer school her professors kept saying to the students, you are designing for your client not for you. When you get into your own house, then you can design for you, until then you are listeners.

    Off to catch up on your posts.
    Hope your time is wonderful. Hope you post more about Zooey.:)

  2. I loved her in Failure to Launch too. I didn't realize she had been in so many other movies. I too loved the apartment they shared. After reading and seeing all these pictures, I think I love her even more. She has great taste. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your night away from the kiddos!

  3. LOVE her! such great style and a fabulous voice.

  4. Wow, her apartment is great. Her style and everything about her is adorable, and very inspiring!

  5. My husband has had a serious crush on Zooey for a while, and I'm okay with it because I love her too! We're actually going to see She and Him in Nashville in September. Can't wait!! Enjoy your night out on the town!

  6. I love how all those shades of blue work together. Enjoy your night on the town. You should post pictures of your wedding!

  7. Just stumbled upon your blog... I love Zooey - I wish I was like 1/25th as stylish as she is! :) She & Him is awesome and we've been wanting to go see them for a while now. Have a wonderful time (and don't forget to tell us all how awesome it is...)!

  8. I love She and Him, although I have to say I'm a much bigger fan of the Him than the She. Not that I don't like Zoey, because I do, but M. Ward is possibly my favorite recording artist. Besides my husband, that is...who, like your husband, loves music so much that he didn't want to do it for a living! Instead he's a graphic designer.