03 July 2010

My Go-To Bargain Resources

It is true that it really doesn't have to cost a fortune to beautifully decorate a home.  Yes, lighting, furniture, paint, window treatment, etc. does cost money....but if you do your research you can do it on a budget.

I have been doing some decorating part-time, but my main job is that of mama.  We are lucky and grateful that Atlanta has maintained a thriving film market even during the recession (thanks to tax incentives Georgia gives Hollywood!), so we are able to live on Chris' salary.  He does camera for commercials and films...I will have to share some stories sometime.

And aren't most people on a budget?  If we can find a $200 chandelier that looks almost as good as one that is $2,000...wouldn't we all want the cheaper one?

That being said, there are some things in our home that we didn't but corners on; the Walker Zanger tile in the kitchen, our limestone and marble countertops...we did find remnants, though, the mirrored pendant from Paris (still only $300.00 or $400.00 on sale at The Paris Market in Savannah), and the panel-ready KitchenAid fridge.

Yet, to be able to afford these things, we did save money elsewhere.  We purchased all-white appliances instead of stainless, our Restoration Hardware sink basin/ cabinet had a few dings on it and was purchased at the outlet, we slipcovered the sofa instead of buying a new one, and we brought some vintage outdoor lawn furniture in the master bedroom sitting area (which we love!)

Some of my favorite bargain-hunting places are:

1.  URBAN OUTFITTERS  (you know they are Anthropologie's sister company!  Same stuff...just cheaper)

what an awesomely rustic jewelry cabinet!

I have a few of their pillows and they are wonderful!  Usually down-filled and well-made.

what a great shower curtain!  I hate that ruffles are trendy, for I have always loved them.  We have the waterfall ruffle curtain panels in the sitting room:

What a fun metal desk!

and some industrial storage for $128!

how cute is this laundry bag?

And this faux white-washed floor mat?  Too cute.

These teak pendants in our basement are from UO--just $34 each!


Do you have Loehman's where you live?  I love Loehman's...I believe it is where Nordstrom and Neiman's dumps their overstock.  I may be wrong, but to shop them online it is called Smart Bargains 

I find it to be hit or miss, but I have been so pleased with some finds there.

All of our home's matchstick blinds are from there...at a steal!

I love that they bring a natural element to the room.

Sometimes they have some fun lighting at good prices:


Once in a while you find some great deals here.  I know they are a knock-off of Tolix' bar stools, but aren't they great?

We are debating on getting a few of these for our downstairs bar.  Sometimes I hate buying reproductions, though.  I could never use a fake purse...it is just one of those things for me.  I would rather use a GoodWill old hangbag than a brand-new faux Coach or something.  Just not me.

4.  ETSY

There are many things in our home from Etsy that we enjoy...and it is so much more joyful knowing that someone handmade the item.

D Arnold Custom Frames (and he's a Georgia Boy).  I am so pleased with our frames and will use him again.

Sorry for the blurry shot, but I used his frames for another Etsy purchase...some paint by numbers!  (from LuvvinJewels)   We now have two of these puppies in the entry.  A little cheesy, but sometimes we need a little cheesy.

We have two paint by numbers here:

two floral paint by numbers over the bed (my friend Anisa Darnell discovered these at an antiques store)

Here are some antique maps I got from StoriesDivinations store on Etsy.  We are going a map gallery wall in white IKEA frames in her den.

Of course, I also frequent HomeGoods, antique stores (Queen of Hearts for any of you in Atlanta), Pottery Barn, West Elm and RH Outlet.  Sometimes I find great things at big box stores like Wal-Mart or Target, too.

Will you share your bargain resources with me?



  1. Queen of Hearts? Is that another spot I need to add to my growing list? I can't get over the shopping in Atlanta - I'm in heaven! Happy 4th, Julie!

  2. I have those faux Tolix stools - they are gorgeous and SO cheap! Sturdy, too.

  3. Love these tips!!! Sorry I haven't emailed the details of the items from my recent shopping trip...went on vacation - but I am back...get them to you this week!!!

  4. I'm a big fan of the Anthro sale rack for good deals on home decor, Homegoods, TJ Maxx, IKEA, Ballards Backroom and ebay...and now a HUGE fan of your beyond fabulous blog!!!

  5. Great tips! I love a good bargain hunt. I went into Tuesday Morning the other day and was surprised to see bamboo folding chairs (just like Ballards) for $29.99. I didn't love everything like I do at HomeGoods, but I can see that store as having potential. Ebay is a huge resource for me for fabrics and furniture - search for "hollywood regency" and you'll be hooked.

    Thanks for the backsplash and farmsink tips!

  6. I love ebay, craigslist, and the sale rack at Anthro. Locally I shop at Canton Flea Market. I find such good things there for so cheap that I'm spoiled and can't shop anywhere else now! I also am starting to really like all of the CSN stores, I'm mainly looking at lighting right now but I'm impressed with their selection and prices comparatively. Great post!

  7. I love Antiques and Beyond on Cheshire Bridge, My Favorite Place on Peachtree Industrial, Ballards Backroom, A Classy Flea out by the Big Chicken!