31 July 2010

More of Gwyneth's kitchen

So I imagine most of you have seen her spread in August's Vogue issue

  (the pictures I used from there I got from Style Chronicle  The source of the other images I don't remember.)

Please just check out a few more images of her kitchen without her in it....almost still as beautiful!  Have you ever seen so much marble?  And I remember (I think from her interview with Oprah) that her favorite appliance is a steamer.  I believe that is what you see on the right of the picture.  So smart to steam leftovers instead of microwave!

Wouldn't you love to see the view from here?  I found these pictures months ago when I was renovating and looking for some inspiration from my style guru.  She hired some set designers to do her family's Manhattan apartment.  (No, I don't remember the duo's name. Please email me if you have it and I will give them due credit!)  I do remember this space is 4,400 square feet...in NY!  Can you imagine?

(update:  thank you, Lissa!  The designers are Roman & Williams)

The designers used this vintage door to create a swing in her living room.  I wish I could find more of the apartment mansion.  She wallpapered everything.

Where do you think this kitchen is?  (via Goop)  She can make simple square tile look amazing.

A marble-covered vent.  Too lovely.

I do love her!

On a personal note, little Wyatt is doing great!  Here he is playing ball in his little hospital gown.  Thanks to Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta...the best hospital for kids.  They are so loving and comforting.  Thanks for your prayers....Julie

(Oh, and just looked at my Vogue again...seems that appliance is on the other end of the spectrum...deep fat fryer instead of steamer!)


  1. Yay Julie, great to hear Wyatt's on the mend!

  2. Wow marble marble everywhere.She really is beautiful. Glad your baby boy Wyatt is doing great and hope you are too..Sinead

  3. I don't know ... I don't love it. It's a little cold and sterile for me. That swing is definitely talking to me though ... My husband and I flipped an old Sears Craftsman cottage a couple years ago (back when it made sense to do that type of thing) and we still have all the vintage doors. Am thinking I need another project ... Thanks for the inspiration! Glad to hear you and yours are receiving excellent care!

  4. So Glad to hear Wyatt is doing well!
    LOVE the big, beautiful, white marble sink!

  5. Love the white marble!! Fabulous!

  6. Glad to hear Wyatt is doing well! I hadn't seen Gwyneth's kitchen! So beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  7. That marble sink just melts my heart! Wyatt is such a cutie, hope he is OK!

  8. Thanks for these images, I had not seen them. I love Paltrow in movies, she sings well, too. I also love Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. New to this blog, I don't know about Wyatt, but I will say a little prayer for him, and his physicians.

  9. I'm glad to hear Wyatt's surgery went well. My son had tubes put in just after his first birthday (over 4 years ago). They helped immensely!

    That mystery kitchen of Gwyneth's could possibly be from the show she did with Mario Batali? At first, I thought it might be from her Nashville loft when she lived here for several months while making a movie, but I think that one's white. I love white marble in a kitchen.

  10. I love that kitchen too!
    The designer's are Roman and Williams. You can see tons of pictures on their webiste of her apartment (or used too be able to)....it is a very different look from their normal design aesthetic....love it though!