02 July 2010

Am Truly Loving House Beautiful....And News!

You know why I love HB the most?  I truly seem to learn something each time.  This month, I love the segment on painting the ceilings (so true!  They are way overlooked.  I want to paint mine), the multiple uses of mirrors (like having a wall of mirrors and placing a console in front?  Imagine what that would do for a room?)  I will get to posting more pictures from this issue...but this was my favorite.

This is a room from the hotel she did in Miami.  So simple for her, yet you would not doubt it if someone told you she did the room.  The sunburst art would do it for me.  I love the wildness within the simplicity.  My favorite aspect of this room is the large mirrors behind the lamps--you get quadruple the light!

Also, be sure to check back in the coming weeks for I will be featuring new pictures of Tia Zoldan's personal home...and she is beginning her new blog.  Too excited!  (she is pictured below...truly one of my favorite designers!)

Happy Birthday, America!  Julie

(images:  House Beautiful, Cottage Living via Decorno)


  1. ack! my issue hasn't come yet and I keep hearing great things about it....makes me crazy! hurry up mailman or HB get your subscriptions here faster!

    have a great holiday weekend, julie!


  2. Donna...there is a studio apt. that is all gray, white and black. You are gonna die! I couldn't snag it online. Maybe you'll get it tomorrow! Julie

  3. Love your home.... just ended up over here from Simply Grove. Am in Atlanta this week. Any shops or areas that are must see for decor? Happy 4th!

    x Trina
    la la Lovely

  4. Gorgeous - both rooms. Love that 'shield' on the wall. It looks great and I have a real weakness for odd things on walls. And over sized. Big does it for me every time!

    Happy new week and hope the weekend was fun & relaxing all at the same time.

    x Charlotta