06 July 2010

10 Things Worth the Money

I was thinking today about how much I do love certain things, and about how much I would miss them I was deserted on an island.  These following things make my life little lovelier, and perhaps a little smoother...

By the way, if you send me some pictures of one of your favorite things...I'll post it and link it back to you. You can send it to julie@milkandhoneyhome.com

1.  These latte bowls...and lots of them.  
Even though I don't do lattes at home, I do use them to scramble an egg, to separate dry ingredients for baking, for cereal...and to put the boys' snacks in.  They are a great portion size!

 From Anthropologie....$20 (although I got mine at the store on sale)

2.  Tons of these buckets...I use them for everything, including a waste basket in our master bath

My friend Anisa Darnell had the genius idea of labeling them with stencils.  I love that they help me be (somewhat) organized.  I love at least the attempt of organization!

I have a closet full of them here:

My pictures are never great.  I promise to get better at that and stop using my camera phone.  You can see that one big one is just for bathroom cleaners...it is so great to pick it up, move it, use it...and keep it all in tact.  We also have one just for chargers (how many chargers do we all have these days?), one for bulbs, junk, etc.  I love pretty clutter!  At least this is pretty to me.

Metal Pain Pail  $3.75 from Lowes or Home Depot

stencils (mine from Wal-Mart craft section near scrapbooking)  $4.43

She has inspired me with these and I now want to label everything!!

3.  Pillows with removable pillow covers

(means I can wash them--great!!!)

worth the extra money!  And I love my pillows..and the family seems to love them as well.

Aren't dogs great?  My Olii...a Chesapeke Bay Retriever...she is always right next to me and now I look at that picture and realize I just take her for granted.  

I love this pillow--I works in every room in the house!  (okay, except the boys' rooms)

PATCH NYC Pillow Covers from West Elm


20" Square Pillow Inserts


(more money up front...but long term pay off, I think.  There have been several pillows that did not have covers that have bit the dust.)

4.  This should probably be NUMBER ONE.

I am much better at channeling my inner St. Francis after I have made contact with my Bunn in the morning.  It keeps a reservoir of hot water in the back.  No waiting.  

Chris actually got his as a birthday gift from his mom years ago.  From Lowes $116

5.  For me, there is no other.  I am blond and very fair-skinned and burn easily (and I love tennis!).  I have to wear sunscreen everyday of my life.  This is the best...not greasy.

Olay Complete All Day Moisture Lotion

6.  While on the subject of makeup...I don't wear a lot these days.  I wore mascara to a friend's wedding a few weeks ago and the groom later asked me if I was wearing fake lashes.  Fake lashes?  He has only seen me in mascara this one time so he didn't know what to think.

I do, however, love this stuff.  I don't get a ton of sleep, so I love a dab under the eyes and to cover whatever blemish chooses to visit me for the day.

Neutrogena 3-in-1 Concealer


This is me most days...hair in pony tail or braid...with sunscreen, concealer and a little blush on

because I am busy with this

7.  Organic Milk
about 5 bucks

worth the money

have you watched Food Inc.?  That's all I'll say...that deserves another blog entirely.

8.  Dimmers

You can't really see in the picture...but we have the little lever to the left of the switch that can dim the lights.  I think they were super inexpensive.  The cost was the labor.

Chris seems to love them even more than me!

8.  A must if you have hardwoods and kids and a dog...

We ordered this about a month ago from Amazon because our cheapie broke.  This vacuums wood floors and carpets.  It is strong.  And it is cordless!!!!  The battery is super strong.  I just don't vacuum as much with a cord.  I love this puppy.

Hoover LiNX Cordless Stick Vacuum
around $179.00

9.  A lovely lamp beside the bed.  Worth the money!

I love this pair of eyelet lace ones I found at HomeGoods last year.  A little girlie and a little modern.  About $49 each.

10.  Some original art...in the kitchen and everywhere else.

We got this copper (or bronze?  yeah, I think bronze) piece from Rottenburg, Germany (I know I spelled that wrong).  We were newly engaged and in Europe and I remember the antique store exactly.  It means a lot to me and it makes everything ok when I am emptying curdled milk out of a sippy cup found under my car seat.  I'll leave you with that nice thought!

Send me some of yours!!



  1. great list! thanks for sharing. i love dimmers too. i think they are a must! i haven't watched food, inc.....would like to know more about it. i just need to rent it. oh, and i'm loving the vacuum cleaner!

  2. Love this list concept...you should do it again! Would be a great regular feature. : ) Dimmers, anthro bowls, cool buckets and organic milk all live over here too, ha ha.

  3. Love your list...gonna try a few!!! And yes, I have seen Food Inc. - totally changed the way I look at food for my family...

  4. Great list! I have those same latte bowls in the turquoise and you're right, they are the best!!

  5. Love the buckets! What a great idea!

  6. Just had to feature your gorgeous kitchen today. =) Love those bowls and pillows! Have a great day!

  7. I have those latte bowls as well only in mustard color and I love them too, perfect size. And I use that same moisturizer too! I will have to send you some pics of my favorite things!

  8. I love this list! I love the silver buckets, seriously, I am going to get some of these TODAY! Very cool idea. Also I loved your comment about channeling St. Francis with the coffee, LOVED it! Really, really happy to find your blog, I love it and I am your newest follower! Cheers!

  9. great list - AND we needed a new vacuum so thanks for the reminder! If you want a no fuss mascara cure, may I suggest eyelash tinting....it lasts 3-4 weeks and I've been doing it for 15 years. As a redhead, I can't live without it.

  10. great list, babe. I use those buckets, too. most recently we used three or four to hold roasted peanuts when we had friends over for a backyard cookout. I also put small, fun christmas presents in them as well.

    I may have to spring for one of those coffee makers...

    great post!

  11. love your list! dimmers and removable pillow covers would top mine, too! oh, and great lamps, everywhere!

  12. amen to dimmers, latte bowls, little make-up, organic milk and the cordless vacuum! actually ... we are pretty much on the same page!