23 July 2010

Oui, Paris!...and Italy...and Greece

So I have never heard of Italian designer Paola Navone until I read about her from the blog from one of my favorite stores, South of Market

I saw this image (orignally from Cote Maison), and I was sold.

Now I want to paint my Lyle chairs green!  (Green has always been my favorite color)  This Parisian apartment is perfection to me!  And, since I can do no short posts, here is the rest of her home here....as well as her home in Greece.

And that blue!  My second favorite color.

I am not a big fan of red...but she does it so well.

To die for!  The wall of blue vases, the red flowers, huge red chandelier and green chairs peeking around the corner...

Love the painted walls.

I don't recall ever seeing a sink like this.

Okay...ready for Greece?  (via Marie Claire Maison 

needs no words.

renewing our vows here, perhaps?  Can you imagine?

how inventive is that seating??

another picture from Elle Decor's files

a restaurant she designed

And more of my favorite green

Happy Weekend....back with more of my conversation with my client next week



  1. The green is killer! Get to painting girl!

  2. Love those chairs in the fun green! I am a lover of blue, can't ever seem to get enough! Have a great weekend girl!

  3. Like you, I really like cool colors like green and blue. And Paola Navone is amazing, I agree!

  4. Those green chairs are stunning! I love love love those!

    Jana Marie

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  6. love all that whitewash over everything. yum!

  7. I didn't realize that house in Greece was her house. I've been in love with it for ages! Remind me sometime to show you a little Marie Claire Maison booklet I have - that last photo is the cover! :) Love the green chairs!

  8. So funny and great that you found me! I just found you the other day but had not had time to come back for a good visit! I will be visiting regularly now!

  9. Green is my favorite color too! Love the green in her home(s) especially those chairs and that wallpaper! Great!