12 July 2010

Good Enough....or Perfectionist?

One thing that is great about Chris working in the film industry is that he has some of the coolest and most artistic friends out there.  Our friend, Brad, spent his entire Sunday taking pictures of our home.  I mean all day--he didn't leave until after eight.  "The light changed," he said...so he had to shoot it in every light possible.  How great is that?  Oh, but he didn't actually spend all day at our home.  He first went to church where he volunteers in the nursery.  How cool is he?

This will probably be another long post.  But you know what?  I'm going to stop warning y'all of that.  I like to talk and I like to write.  There are plenty of wonderful blogs out there with short and sweet posts, filled with tons of eye candy, like Little Blue Deer & Delight by Design.  I'm not one of those.  Okay, moving on.

Back to Brad.

how funny is this?  He covered his red shirt so it wouldn't reflect the red in the shot.

While shooting, he asked, "Do you like seeing pictures of your house?  You can see what is wrong and how this or that is out of place."  You know, I thought about it, but said, "No.  I don't mind.  This is as good as it is gonna get."

I switched around our "daybed' room...as promised  (returning the stools, though.  Chris wants something more durable.  Definitely understandable!)

I have learned this about me...and about life.  I think if you wait until a relationship is perfect before getting married....you'll never get married.  And if you wait until you have just enough money saved to have kids....many of us would never procreate.  And for me, if I waited until our home was perfect to take pictures.  Well, you get the drift by now.  There would be no pictures and no blog.

I followed Brad around, cleaning & snapping shots

But no one's home is ever perfect.  Am I wrong?  Is yours perfect?  I just moved the piles from room to room.  Whatever room Brad was in for the moment was clean....when he moved, so did the junk.

I can't wait until we see his pictures....and I will share them with you when I do!

more of my pictures of the redo:

I found this mirrored desk for $100  (not quite as great as a lucite, but tons cheaper!)  Down the road, I would love to pair this with one of my dream chairs, the Verner Panton:

so far I'm digging the new setup

And speaking of pictures, I have none of the outing with Eddie and Jaithan.  That is because I didn't make it.  My little one was under the weather.  I really can't leave them when they feel bad.  I remember how much I needed my mama.  I'll have to learn to just post things after they happen.  I have to remember that with kids, plans are more of a maybe than a definite!

But here are some pics from our outing to see She & Him.  Here is the W Hotel Midtown Atlanta:

I just think it will be so dated in about three years.  Just my opinion...too hip for me! :)

the great view!

the view above from the W's restaurant, The Spice Market

the funky outdoor lounge

the storm looming overhead

We stayed in the Botanical Gardens' library while we waited out the thunderstorm.  Good place for conversation.

No pics of the show--not allowed.  Zooey & the band were wonderful!

So back to the question at hand:  Are you more of a take-it-as-it-is kinda person...or an admitted perfectionist?


(I believe an IKEA customer image via Simply Seleta 

via Nest Egg 

Anthro ad


I definitely am the former...for good or worse.  

Here's the transformation again:


just a cuter before...


more during...a blank canvas!


more to come this week! 



  1. I sure do love your home - all the unique and eclectic things about it. No, a home is never perfect...what fun would that be anyway! Every time I see something on all my favorite blogs, I start to move and change all my rooms. I can't wait to see more pictures when you get them!
    have a great day!

  2. I love your entry foyer wallpaper, so welcoming and cheery.

    I've been wondering about She and Him, really like Zooey's voice. I'll have to download!

  3. Just started reading your blog! I love your home and the way you write. It's nice to see a home with collected objects and not all edited and sparse. Even though both can look beautiful I prefer one with layers of fabrics, patterns, art, & collections. The chandelier in your daybed room is gorgeous!

  4. your house is lovely! i'm so glad you decided to take pictures and share them!

  5. such a great post, as always, Julie. I had to laugh out loud at 'I just move stuff from room to room." Story of my life! I have dedicated one unused bedroom to being my 'resource center' (that sounds so much better than junk room, doesn't it?).

    Your house looks great and we are looking forward to Brad's pics. (LOVE that mirrored desk, and I can not believe you got it at such a good price!)

    Sorry about the E&J trip but you know you did the right thing by sticking with your family when they needed you...

    love to you, Donna

  6. your room looks great! i wish my house looked perfect, but it doesn't....because that's not realistic for anybody! i have a 2.5 year old so i've accepted that and I'm okay with it.

  7. Wow I really love your art wall. The new arrangement looks fantastic. Where did you find the desk? As a gemini, I go both ways. I pretty meticulous but when things go awry I roll with the punches. Can't wait to see the pics!

  8. LOVE it all...can't wait to see the photographs!!!

  9. Love it all! I am working on a picture wall and it is a lot harder than it looks! I am second guessing myself on each piece! Thanks for the pics - great inspiration!

  10. The new arrangement looks great. I especially love the art wall. Great mix of stuff! I'm so impressed with you showing the before the o-so-familiar during and the fab after! I want everything to be perfect but I'm pretty patient to wait to get what I want and live with what I have. I've been really hesitant to post pics of my house though because the combination of limited photography skills, small spaces and nothing actually being finished has made me scared to try. It's a bit of a case of the cobbler never having new shoes. I need to just suck it up and put it out there. Maybe it would inspire me to actually finish something! Thanks again for the inspiration!

  11. Love it all..the photos and the long posts. You write like you talk I bet! Any Irish ancestors there?!!! Sinead x

  12. I always find you images very appealing and artistic. I prefer rooms that look like a real family could be comfortable in them.

    So sorry you missed seeing Eddie and Jaithan. I have an enormous crush on the illustrious Mr. Ross.

  13. I've just spent way tooo long looking at your blog. Which means my two boys are off somewhere making Huge messes! You're right we do have lots in common. Arn't Liam's the best! I also love She & Him, The Bachlor and your take it as it is style. But Your kitchen is not the same as mine. Your kitchen is what I only Dream of my kitchen to look like. Your home is sooo beautiful. I want your photo wall. I'll be back to finish reading it later, but I best go check on my little troublemakers!

  14. Any idea how much I love a good gallery wall.. amazing! xx